BGMI 1st Anniversary Mode: An Exclusive Event

BGMI 1st Anniversary Mode: Battle Royale games are the popular games in the current mobile gaming genre. Of them is highly popular is PUBG, known as BGMI in India. People in India have chosen this game as a gaming carrier as well. So there are so many elements that are needed in this game.

One of them is a themed event. As we all know about it that BGMI is the Indian version of PUBG. It was released on 2021, July 2nd. So an exclusive mode is coming to BGMI to celebrate the anniversary. Here in this article, we are going to share some tips & tricks about this anniversary event.

BGMI 1ST Anniversary Mode: An Exclusive Event

BGMI is one of the most popular battle royale games in the Indian gaming community. There are lots of youngsters who play BGMI & even many elders as well. There is so much hype about the game is because of the aesthetics the game provides. One of the upcoming excitements is the Anniversary event of BGMI which will be exclusively for BGMI only.

We have already seen that PUBG Mobile celebrates its Anniversary in the March-April session every year. But that is the whole game anniversary. BGMI will celebrate an anniversary that will be completely different & separated from PUBG Mobile’s Anniversary. BGMI already provided some India exclusive events like Holi events. So it is expected from Krafton developers.

BGMI 1st Anniversary Mode
BGMI 1st Anniversary Mode

How will be the Anniversary in BGMI?

BGMI will provide a different anniversary from PUBG Mobile. PUBG Mobile celebrates the anniversary of its launch globally. But BGMI will celebrate the anniversary in July or August month time frame. It’s the launch time of BGMI in India. Krafton stated that it will be a separate anniversary from than PUBG mobile anniversary.

What is Exclusive in this Event?

Royale Pass Season M11 & M12 will be affected by this Anniversary, as per the leaks that we have got. There will be some temporary events that will provide some free outfits & weapon skins in the game shop. Even the Royal Pass can be based on the anniversary.

Like other PUBG anniversaries, BGMI can provide a permanent or temporary title based on the BGMI anniversary. A new themed map will be there for this anniversary update. A new weapon is coming named – M417. It will be a burst mode weapon that runs in 5.56 mm ammo.

So, these are the events that are coming to the BGMI mobile game. Surely not so big updates but worth it in this Anniversary Event in BGMI. There will be a chance to get an outfit for free and a gun skin as well. So mark your calendar with this event.

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