BGMI 1.9 Lag Fix Config File: Downalod Link

BGMI 1.9 Lag Fix Config File: One of the most popular names in the Battel Royale community is BGMI which is developed & published by Krafton. In 2021 Krafton made possible the debut of BGMI after the ban of PUBG Mobile in India by the Indian govt. The developers are working hard to provide the best possible ways to make the game better day by day.

After banning PUBG mobile in India, several changes happened in the BGMI game server. It is now a high graphics-intensive game for mobile devices. Surely in that case a good performance capable device is always recommended to enjoy the gameplay of a battle royale game.

But sadly in India, there are not many people who have a good device to play games. Several Gaming devices are capable of providing good hardware with power pack performance. Though they somehow cost high, which most of the players can not afford.

That’s why in the article we are going to share a way to enjoy the game. It is BGMI 1.9 Lag Fix Config File that helps you to play the game smoothly without much worried about the device performance. It improves the graphics as well as the smoothness that let you enjoy the game as much as possible.

Here are the details about this Lag fix config file that might help you. We will provide a downloadable link to the BGMI 1.8 Lag Fix Config File.

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BGMI 1.9 Lag Fix Config File

Before providing the link, we should provide you with some information what is the lag fix config file & how is supposed to work in the BGMI game. Here are some of the technical terms if you are interested. But of course, it doesn’t bother you much, you can skip those parts & jump into the download file. However, it is better to know something before applying something to your game.

Lag Fix Config File for BGMI 1.9: What is the file?

Krafton published BGMI in the pandemic situation in 2021. But formally PUBG mobile which was there in the position of BGMI & got the attention of the players at the very first situation. There was nothing like the mobile gaming community much before PUBG Mobile. The game provided itself with a gaming era with high graphic gameplay to mobile gamers.

Unlike PC, mobile devices are not as powerful to handle the game. There are many bugs & frame drops in the game itself for low-end devices. So it is sometimes frustrating to play the game as well.

But there is something called Config File which is going to save the low-end players. The config file is a modified file that changes some internal data files which allows you to unlock your device’s true potential. However, a wrong config file can crash your game completely. So always choose the exact file which is based on your installed game. It can do reduce the lag of the game without compromising the graphics very much.

Here we are going to provide the BGMI 1.9 Lag Fix Config File in this article.


System Requirements for BGMI game:

Android devices with android version 5.0 or higher are eligible to download this game. Also, You need a minimum of 2 GB RAM to install the game as per the developers of the game.


Instructions to set the Config File:

  • Download BGMI 1.9 Lag Fix Config File from the provided link.
  • Use Zarchiever to access the internal storage of your phone.
  • Paste it into the ‘data’ section of the game.
  • Reboot the phone.
  • Open the game & enjoy it!


That’s the detailed guide about BGMI 1.9 Lag Fix Config File. For more updates & tricks about BGMI, follow our social media handles.

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