How to Download BGMI Beta Version 2.0

How to download BGMI beta version 2.0: PUBG mobile beta and BGMI beta version are the same no difference between these two names. PUBG mobile beta is a beta version of PUBG. The main difference between the PUBG beta version and the official version is that you can get to know new features, new facilities, new outfits, new maps, everything in the PUBG mobile new coming facilities you can first see here.

This is like a bonus. If you knew what is upcoming in PUBG mobile then you can tell your friends and also tell this on your Youtube channel if you are a YouTuber. It is really good for you to know the PUBG beta.

BGMI Beta 2.0

BGMI beta is a fantastic adaptation of the original Playerunknow’s BattleGroound. Can enjoy the hours of play in several modes that, in many cases have not even reached the stable version. You can also live chat with your buddies in the game by choosing the team option.

You can also customize the graphics level details using the setting menu. Can also customize the controls when you are driving or hiking around on foot.

BGMI Beta Version 2.0
BGMI Beta Version 2.0

BGMI top 10 new update features in 2.0 update:

In the 2.0 update BGMI, many awesome features are upcoming. There are a lot of changes new features in the BGMI 2.0 update. The new feature BGMI you can customize your character, it’s mean you can change and develop your character. In these, you can change your character’s face and also change the character’s new hairstyle, and also change your character’s beard, and character’s color and also eyes, eyebrows, anything your character. this update, you can customize your character totally as in your mind.

In these updates the last infection mode is being changed, this infection mode is changing next level. This mode is totally changing. This mode is more advanced. You can play this at first in this PUBG beta version.

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In these updates, you can also see a new lobby, events, and new maps.

You can also see in these updates lots of new vehicles and a plane. You can ride on this plane and you can also drive this plane. In these plane, you can see many airdrops and awesome loots. In this plane, you can see a UAZ and you can also drive this UAZ.

This update, you can see a brand new map in this map you can see a brand new Island. This map’s name is “Holiday Island”. This Island is being one of the smallest Islands in the BGMI. This island land is only 1200m. On this new map, you see many beaches.

A new bike is being added. The name of this bike is “Cord Bike”. This bike is awesome, so powerful, and very stable. You can see this bike in the beta version of BMGI. This is a new feature being added to the BMGI.

Two new guns are being added. The first gun’s name is AMR, this is a new sniper gun. This gun this really so powerful. In the update, you can see this gun.

The second gun’s name is “Bow and Arrow”.

How to Download BGMI 2.0 Beta Version:

At first, you go on your mobile phone’s google and search PUBG BETA, then you see the main website of PUBG BETA. Here you click on this website and you can see the download option then you can download this beta version of PUBG/BGMI.

Neither you can download it through many apps like Apkpure, Tap tap. You can download this app on google chrome. The same process searches the app name on google chrome then click the official website and download it.

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