New Silvanus X Suit in BGMI PUBG Mobile

New Silvanus X Suit in BGMI PUBG Mobile: In the new leaks. It is known that a new suit is coming to Battle Ground Mobile India, named New Silvanus X Suit. Which you will see in BGMI Update 1.10, friends, this is going to be a very good update.

For the players, where you will get to see new characters like you, for the time being. If any update will come out of it, then I will try to tell you as soon as possible. There has been a misconception among friends about the BGMI update that many people have it.

I will also discuss two new maps to be seen. You will get to see only one map in this which is Mirror Map. This is the brand new one that you will get to see in BGMI Update 1.9.

New Silvanus X Suit in BGMI
New Silvanus X Suit in BGMI

New Silvanus X Suit

This New Silvanus X Suit of BGMI will be available to you soon in its update.

Guys 1.9 has come very near but till now it is not known that any new suit is also coming in it. So let me tell you That if this suit does not come in 1.9 then there is a 100% chance that it will come in 1.10.

As I want to tell you that if you are a player who is a big fan of BGMI. Then you should first know about it for this then definitely bookmark this web page for that.

let’s move on to our next topic, what the new Silvanus X Suite that is coming in this update looks like. What are its features, and which skins will be seen in it?

When New Silvanus X Suit Will Come

You have two chances to get this suit, first in which you will get to see it in its official BGMI update 1.9.

Second, if you don’t find it in this update, then by definition I can be sure that you will find it in 1.10.

In this update, you will get to see some other very important things like you will get to see different skins of the car and a map which is coming called Mirror Map, you will get to see it in 1.9.

And another map leak has just come out, in which you will get to see a map of a different design, whose name has not been release yet.

Which Update Have More Benefits 

Although you will get to see many benefits in both the updates, for the time being. I would like to tell you that you can get to see many things in this update. So first we will know about 1.10 then about 1.19 so let us start it step by step and know about both.

So, the biggest update of 1.10 that is coming out is that you can get to see a lot of characters and can get to see two new maps. There are also huge updates coming out for 1.9 where you will be introduced to a new character named New Silvanus X Suite as well as a map will be released for you called Mirror Map.

The look of this character looks like what we have told you with the help of the picture above. Hope I have been able to tell you more updates about this character.

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