Rocket League 7 Eleven Reward Items ! How to Get

The Rocket League and 7-Eleven collaboration are underway, and players can start earning rewards now. The new game includes branded customizations, including a Slurpee Decal and Big Bite Antenna.  The partnership with 7-Eleven is the latest addition to the series, which has received many crossovers with other games and sports leagues. In a recent announcement, Psyonix revealed that it had partnered with the gas station and convenience store chain 7-Eleven. The collaboration will include in-game cosmetics and a special cup, which players can purchase through the game. While the game is currently available for free on Steam, the partnership will continue through the season.

Rocket League 7 Eleven

Rocket League will feature seven 7-Eleven favorites, including Doritos and Mountain Dew. Players can also unlock exclusive in-game items by purchasing the brands’ selected food and beverages in participating 7-Eleven stores and 7NOW delivery apps. This partnership will continue to grow, and the brand hopes to get the game in the hands of even more players. Once a year, the collaboration will see the release of two more popular games that are sure to bring new fans to the series.

In addition to new in-game items, the Rocket League and 7-Eleven collab also includes color-changing cups and special in-game items. A new feature for the game includes color-changing Slurpees and Mountain Dew flavors. To earn these exclusive items, players will need to purchase them at participating 7-Eleven locations or 7NOW delivery apps. These in-game items will give Rocket League players access to six unique in-game accessories.

Rocket League 7 Eleven
Rocket League 7 Eleven

The 7-Eleven Summer Series kicked off on Monday and is a single-elimination tournament for players to unlock exclusive in-game items. This competition will feature eight teams and feature a prize pool of $6000. The game will be broadcast live on Twitch. In addition to these in-game items, players can unlock seven other in-game products. These new in-game products include Mountain Dew, Doritos, and Doritos. These can also be used to unlock other items in the game.

In the game, the 7-Eleven logo will appear on a player’s character. This is a great way to make your character stand out from the crowd. The logos of participating stores are available in Rocket League’s in-game shop. It is possible to use the logos of seven-Eleven in the game. The brand will also appear on in-game items. The team that spawns the most points in a game wins the cup.

Players can purchase various 7-Eleven products to unlock special in-game items. In order to unlock the items, players will have to buy Mountain Dew or Doritos and other foods and beverages from participating 7-Eleven. The 7-Eleven store will also be featured on the game’s store map.

If the partnership works, they can also create in-game cosmetics to customize their team. The seven-Eleven mascot will have a customized in-game logo in the game.

The 7-Eleven partnership with Rocket League is another great way to earn in-game items. To unlock these items, players must purchase select products at participating 7-Eleven locations in order to get exclusive in-game items. They can even receive in-game gifts if they buy certain items from the 7-Eleven brand. If they do, they can unlock six in-game exclusive in-game items for the Rocket League game.


The 7-Eleven and Rocket League collaboration also includes an in-game merchandise kit. In-game items are limited to seven-Eleven cars, which can be customized with different accessories. These items will also be available for sale in the 7-Eleven App. These codes will allow players to purchase the items in the game. Some of the other unique items include a blue-colored cup that changes color when a player drinks a cold drink.

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