BGMI Classic Crates Release Date ! BGMI 1.9 Update

BGMI Classic Crates Release Date: In BGMI many types of crates are available but only 3 types of crates are open by coupon Classic Crate, Premium crate, and Supply crate. These three types of crates give players many best Mythic, Legendary, outfits, gun skins, Car skins, parachute skins, Grande Skins, Helmet skins, Backpack Skins, etc free.

For free Crate, all BGMI players are collect coupon scarps. Now classic crate, players should collect Classic Crate coupon scarps, for Premium crate collect premium crate coupon scarps, for supply crate collect supply crate coupon scarps. For every crate, coupon players should collect at least 10 Coupon scarps. Because 10 Classic crate scarps = 1 classic crate, 10 premium crate scarps = 1 premium crate, 10 supply crate scarps = 1 supply cate.

Now all crates are released in BGMI 1.9 version update but the classic crate is not released till now. All BGMI players are waiting for this new crate Classic Crate. Premium crate released 15th March in BGMI, Supply crate will be released on 20 – 30 march.

Classic Crate will release on 26th March this is approx time in many leaks. The classic crate is released on 26th march this is a 90 percent chance.

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BGMI Classic Crates Release Date

Like every classic crate update this classic crate update also many items Mythic and legendary. And many old outfits are also back in this classic crate. Two classic crates are coming. Scene every Classic crate this time Krafton added so many new Mythic, Legendary Outfits and items.

BGMI Classic Crates Release Date
BGMI Classic Crates Release Date

Classic Crate items in 1.9 update

You can open to get one of the following items

First Classic Crate all new items #1

  • Coyote Rider Cover ( this is a legendary outfit)
  • Coyote Rider Set
  • Slime Tech Helmet
  • Slime Teach – Mini14
  • The Thron Trooper Mask
  • Thron Trooper Set (this is a mythic outfit)
  • Thron Trooper Backpack
  • Purpink set
  • the Armored Hunter Set ( this a mythic outfit)
  • Armored Hunter Backpack
  • Armored Hunter Headgear
  • Steel Thorns Set
  • Skeleton Set
  • And the Hellfire UAZ is back but the Hellfire AKM is not back.

Second Classic Crate all new items #2

This classic crate also has awesome outfits and items

    The Riot Handler Set

    Riot Handler Cover

    The Riot Handler Backpack

    Riot Handler – Vector ( gun skins)

And also back old all power green set ( wraith lord )

The Wraith Lord- Backpack

   Wraith Lord- Pan

   Wraith Lord- Smoke Grande

  Desert Trooper Set

  A Desert Trooper Helmet

  Desert Trooper Backpack

  Irradiated Frog Backpack

  Irradiated Frog – Pan

  Past Glory Set   

 Is M416 Glacier Back?

M416 glacier is a big demand for every BGMI player and also players who are YouTubers BGMI gamers. So many seasons M416 glacier is free in classic crate many players got it without spending UC, and so many players spend lots of UC but they didn’t get M416 glacier.

In the all classic Crate leaks many old outfits items are back but all classic crate leaks M416 glacier is not noted this is not added. So M416 glacier is not back in these classic crates. Here is no chance to come back m416 glacier back in these classic crates. If the M416 glacier is back then Krafton will show the leak of the M416 glacier and we would notify you. Hope in the next classic crates M416 glacier is back.

How to get Classic Crates in BGMI:

 In BGMI events you can collect Classic crates. In the event, You complete the missions and collect classic crates or classic crates scarps. And you can collect the classic crate by completing Achievements this is the main where you can collect so many Classic crates. This is not hard only you go to the achievement and read it then go select the match and follow the reading achievement and complete it and get classic crates.

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