NBA 2K23 Wishlist: Check it Out Now

NBA 2K23 Wishlist: In this article, you are going to be familiar with the new NBA 2K23 wishlist. It’s for NBA 2K23 for a change because here we go again follows December at the date when I am writing this article and we already need a wishlist.

It looks quite crazy how fast has this game NBA 2K22 has gone so far downhill thriving. With people loving it in September but it’s turned into a ghost town in December.

NBA 2K23 Wishlist: The Things Could be Added this Year for Season

NBA 2K23 wishlist
NBA 2K23 wishlist

The things could be added this year for season three or even for season four if they actually cared about the players and community instead of their pocket speller. But we all know what 2k will do they have been doing this for years just all over us treating us like dollar signs time and time again. So over the next few minutes, we are gonna be telling you about the same things that we all will be able to see in NBA 2K23.

For me buy it that the honest truth fellas so if you like that sort of stuff of me ranting and raving about in NBA 2k. So that would be some of the priorities or you say wishlist for NBA 2K23.

NBA 2K23 Wishlist: New Dribble Moves and Better Ways to Get Home Left Right

So for me, the first thing we shall talk about is new dribble moves and better ways to get home left-right. Cheese is not a new thing it has been In 2k for years fellas 2k15 2k16. My team was playing with it the same but the players used to forget there was one reason only that left-right cheese got taken out f the game. It is because there was actually explosive dribble mousse that could actually get open.

So you did not have to left-right cheese there were better ways to get open and way more fun to have to do these moves. And one more thing that I think is, is they were so much more effective than just doing left-right cheese. They often get me wrong fellas the dribble system.

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No More Sydney

So the next thing I wanna talk about is no more Sydney. We have tried the city fellas and it’s a swing and a miss opinion. It was just a failure we just want to play basketball. Not go shopping at the mall or walk the fashion runways. What’s it’s a basketball game at the end. You don’t have to go shopping. That would be some of the priorities or you say wishlist for NBA 2K23.

NBA 2K23 Wishlist
NBA 2K23 Wishlist

New badge system

So the next thing I wanna talk about is a new badge system. It’s gotten out of hand with the number of overpowered badges. And just how strong a lot of the badges actually are. They just kind of take basketball IQ out of the game. And just add cheese to the bail-out player with the randomness that the thing.

They should make these changes

So these are a few things that I think I should make a wishlist for NBA 2K23. That I had presented in front of you all. That is for today that we had told you about for more details. And news about gaming just stays connected with us. We provide all upcoming trending news on all topics related to the games. You can also check out other articles also.

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