Top 10 New Features in BGMI 1.9 Update

Top 10 New Features in BGMI 1.9 Update;  BGMI 1.9 update released 18th March Friday 5.30 am to 6.30 pm in this time this update available for every device. Now the update is available on the play store. This update is mainly based on PUBG’s 4th Anniversary. So here are so many new awesome features, New events, new characters, New cool rewards.

How to update BGMI 1.9 Update?

 Simply in your mobile go play store app and open then search BGMI then here you see the update. Even the update is not showing then back Playstore app and go to this app information and click clear data then again you open the app and search BGMI here you got the update.

BGMI 1.9 UpDate:

This updated theme mode name is “Holi Dhamaka”. In this New starting Island and sky Island in the update. Its means there are two mirrors Island in the update. The sky island appears on Errangal Map and in Livik Map, the sky Island in the map appears in Two Places.

 When you land on Sky island Your Character’s face will turn into a cute circle. In sky island, you can loot the coins and When the sky Island is Closed at a time then the players are fall to the ground safely meaning no damage. Also, players are fall to the ground when they are defeated by an Enemy. 

On sky Island, Character’s head grows bigger when hit by the enemy. On being defeated character’s head inflates to the maximum and floats up into the air. And your’s character’s head is many colors like (red, blue).

 When an enemy defeated you then sometimes you float in the air then your team has a chance to head your bigger head and again fall in the sky island and save you. In this update, you also see the Rainbow plaza and camp and also see Naye terrains and any entity in their zone.

 In the map, if you Interact entities then you got a create. At the army base here you can scan the spawned vehicles, a small zone is created for a small time and then you can spawn vehicles. 

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Top 10 New Features in BGMI 1.9 Update

Bicycle: This is a great feature in the BGMI. In Rainbow Square and camp, a new vehicle the bicycle is featured. This bicycle is faster than sprinting and it allows to jump higher this is cool so players are using it tactically. You remember is that you can’t use your weapons while riding a bicycle. 

The bicycle does not need fuel or battery and you also carry it in your bag pack it is a great feature so you must be got this bicycle. This helps you to go to the zone when you don’t have any vehicle. 

Top 10 New Features in BGMI 1.9 Update
Top 10 New Features in BGMI 1.9 Update

New Playground Update:

In the new update, the cheerpark is updated. The playground has become wider the platforms are placed around the map for mobility. Using these platforms you can move around faster.

 Playground Improved: In the shooting ring where the players are practicing their shooting has been added in the cheerpark. Here you can practice your shooting. 

 New Racing Mini game: In the cheerpark a racing track has been added. Here you can enjoy racing in cars with your friends. And you can also practice on a single track.

 Erangle Improvement and random matching: In the erangle map the Military Base Sosnavko Bridge has been changed. Both sides added a wide walk road a new camping area. Herewith your teammates you can camping. 

Random mode is added to both ranked and unranked matches It is a feature to select the desired map and play with random matching.

 Arena Mode Audio Improved: Arena mode audio quality is improved for players who know the better direction of footsteps.

 New Map: The new sky island was added to the game. In sky Island, you found a place where you can change your face circle color. This new map is improved. 

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