Genshin Impact ! Make Sweet Cider Lake Recipe

Genshin Impact! Make Sweet Cider Lake Recipe: The Genshin Impact: Of Drink A-Dreaming event introduces 21 new bartending recipes. The goal of this event is to unlock all of the drinks, so you can serve them to your customers. You can unlock a new drink each day, and you’ll get new ingredients to mix and use to make it. You can also earn rewards for completing challenges and quests. Here are some of the best ones!

Genshin Impact Sweet Cider Lake Recipe

The first drink you can craft is the Genshin Impact Sweet Cider Lake. It requires two spoonfuls of Coffee and Lemon juice. Using this recipe requires two bottles of Milk and juice for the foundation, and the remaining two bottles are for flavoring. The last drink is a special event name card, which is only available in the second half of the game. You’ll need to have all three ingredients ready before you can begin the crafting process.

Once you’ve unlocked the drinks, you can start crafting new drinks. The Genshin Impact bartender event requires players to craft drinks for NPCs, and this guide will show you how to create different recipes and make them into delicious alcoholic beverages. Just remember, some recipes are unlocked at the beginning, so you’ll have to experiment to find the best flavor combination. If you’re looking for a simple recipe to start drinking, try mixing two spoons of coffee with a few spoonfuls of Lemon juice.

Genshin Impact Sweet Cider Lake Recipe
Genshin Impact Sweet Cider Lake Recipe

The Genshin Impact sweet cider lake recipe is a great way to reward yourself for your hard work. This drink is great for a special occasion, especially since you can drink it with friends and family. Besides the alcoholic drinks, you’ll get the special name card that only the event’s NPCs can give you. The next time you attend a Genshin Impact event, make sure to prepare these drinks for yourself! The more delicious they are, the more people will want to drink them.

The Genshin Impact game is known for its many characters, and the of drink a dreaming event has become an absolute favorite among the players. To access the recipes, players must unlock the story event, and then choose three ingredients from a list. The ingredients used in this drink will vary, so it’s best to experiment to find the best flavor. When it comes to a drink, you can experiment with different combinations and use any flavor you’d like.

There are several ways to get the Genshin Impact sweet cider lake recipe. You can get it from Eula’s story quest by completing the quest, which requires an Adventure Rank of 40 or higher. The Genshin Impact sweet cider lake recipe is very tasty and tastes great with any of the other ingredients in the event. The Genshin Impact is also a limited-time event, and unlocking all of the recipes will allow you to earn the limited-time awards.


A good way to get these drinks is to complete the “Of Drink A-Dreaming” event. In this event, players must collect all 21 drink recipes in order to get the name card. For example, the recipe for Strong Coffee is very easy to make and requires only juice and two spoons of Coffee. Then, players must add Lemon and sugar to the drink to make it sweet. Afterward, they can serve their guests their drinks.

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