All X-suits Collection in PUBG BGMI: Date with Details

All X-Suits Collection in PUBG BGMI: X-suits play a major role along with the Royal Pass in PUBG Mobile as well as in BGMI. X-suits are pretty well designed for a game like PUBG Mobile. Because those are high extensive graphics game outfits. There are several things to know about X-suits. For the few people who do not want X-suit for themselves. There are a total of 4 X-suits that the game developers launched in the game available for the players.

X-suit plays a huge role in the colorful outfit section in the PUBG Mobile & BGMI both. Many people go for X-suits when it comes to the game. They spend a lot of real money to get the X-suit which is nothing but just an outfit with some visual experience. So why do people go crazy for X-suits? Here we are going to discuss all the X-suits & which X-suits are available in the game for now.

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All X-suits Collection in PUBG BGMI: Date with Details

All X-suits Collection in PUBG BGMI
All X-suits Collection in PUBG BGMI

PUBG Mobile is one of the most popular battle royale games which is currently ruling the mobile gaming community in this gaming era. It plays a major role in the community & a very good competition to other battle royale mobile games. The high graphics & the desirable choices of outfits make the game even more eye-catchy & loveable.

X-suits are very precious outfits for BGMI & as well as for PUBG Mobile. It is the outfit that is upgradable in the game. You can upgrade the outfits with the special materials which come with the X-suit spin. There are a total of 4 X-suits that existed in the game right now. But all are expired so if you have not got any of them, there is no chance that you can get them in future. You can get the future X-suits but you can not get past X-suits anymore.

Those who have X-suits may have spent a lot of UC like 80,000 or maybe over 1 lakh UC. But there is also a chance to get the X-suit for free of cost You can spin 5 times using 300 silver fragments each time. So it will cost 1500 silver fragments for that. However, it is not guaranteed that you surely get the X-suit, just a chance.

X-suits that has been Launched in the game: with the Release date

There are a total of 4 X-suits that are present in the game, but you can not get them right now if you have not already.

  1. Golden Pharaoh X-suit-

Golden Pharaoh X-suit has been launched on 5th August 2020 in season 14 of PUBG Mobile. It is the first X-suit that came in the game itself. It is based on the Egyptian theme of a pharaoh with golden armour.

  1. Blood Raven X-suit-

Blood Raven X-suit is based on a crow theme with blood. So the outfit is a combo of black & red. It is been released on 8th May 2021.

  1. Poseidon X-suit-

A water theme-based X-suit that has been introduced on 20th august 2021. It is based on the theme of the water king, Poseidon. Poseidon is the king of the underwater world, so the emojis seem pretty interesting.

  1. Avalanche X-suit-

Lastly, till now the OG outfit of all X-suits is the Avalanche X-suit. It has been introduced on 24 Dec 2021 and is based on a winter theme. People were crazy about the M416 glacier, so PUBG mobile devs decided to look alike X-suit which doesn’t seem to go very well.

All in all, the first X-suit, The Golden Pharaoh X-suit is the most popular X-suit among these all 4 X-suits. It gained popularity so much that people went crazy about it & it was a first time experience. Al X-suits are equally good no doubt about that, but the first impression is the precious impression.

That’s all about the X-suit & its release date. Follow us for more upcoming details about BGMI & PUBG Mobile.

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