Rocket League Hitboxes: Ultimate Guide

Rocket League Hitboxes. One of the best aspects about Rocket League is that all cars move at the same speed and have a similar feel. However, a couple of them have a different hitbox zone, which we’ve detailed here to assist you to understand. Rocket League, developed by Psyonix, is a true multiplayer classic and an esports mainstay. A brilliant concept that was accomplish perfectly is frantic 5-minute bouts between two sets of vehicles striving to score incredible goals with balls.

Rocket League is all about skill, as Psynoix has stated: “None of the cars have stats”. The only thing that differs are the hitboxes.” So, how significant are hitboxes in Rocket League? It turns out fantastically. In this article, we are going to provide you all the information regarding the hitboxes. We will tell you about the body type of the hitboxes and many more interesting things. It is generally said that hitboxes plays important role in rocket League. So if you guys want to enjoy the game you should know about hitboxes first.

To get more information regarding this topic you have to read this article further. We have tried our best to to explain you what are hitboxes? And why they are important? So please read the article for more information.

What is a hitbox?

Rocket League Hitboxes
Rocket League Hitboxes

A hitbox is an invisible box or shape that surrounds a game model and serves as the model’s collision detection system. It is not visible to the player. Even while each combatant in a fighting game has a fully visible model, they nevertheless have specific hitboxes that determine whether or not attacks connect. The most important thing regarding the head box is that it use always invisible. We can imagine it as a box ads which name is hitbox. But actually sometimes it become difficult to predict the shape of this Hitbox.

The cars in Rocket League are similar in that the entire vehicle can be seen. If not, They feature hitboxes that define whether the vehicle has made control of the ball, boost, or whatever. It simply means that cars are similar for the entire vehicle.

All Rocket League Hitboxes

There are six different types of hitboxes in Rocket League, which are distributed among all of the cars in the game. Because of the length and width of the cars, as well as their overall shape, but each is unique.

Here’s a list of all the hitboxes in Rocket League, along with a description for each one.

Octane hitbox

Octane’s hitbox is fairly tall for an RL car, and its somewhat larger size at the back gives you a little more flexibility while attempting to communicate with the ball.

Dominus hitbox

Dominus’ clean proportional body type makes it fantastic for the air, and more talented players can score really nasty goals if connecting with a cleanly struck shot, despite being little and a little thin.

Breakout hitbox

One of the more difficult hitboxes to master. Breakout does have a shape similar to Dominus but isn’t quite as long, yet it will reward players with tremendous shots for perfect hits once again.

Hybrid hitbox

Hybrid is a newest hitbox in the game that performs exactly as it says just on tin. It’s the ideal compromise between an Octane and a Dominus hitbox, and it can help you decide which design you prefer.

Merc hitbox

The Merc is the game’s tallest automobile, which makes it ideal for 50/50 clashes, defending, and goalkeeping. However, it feels less mobile and isn’t as forgiving of well-hit goal attempts.

Plank hitbox

It’s lengthy, and the top of the car features a decent-sized hitbox for aerial hits, following in the footsteps of Dominus like Breakout. It is, however, the smallest car in the game, so keep that in mind.

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