Pokemon Legends Arceus Ginters Specials

Pokemon legends Arceus Ginters specials: Arceus Ginter acts as a shopkeeper in the game, and in the Ginkgo Guild Shop, he will sell you conventional and special packages of stuff, Mechanical Equipment, and evolutionary stones and items. Now, in this post, we’ll look at all that this specific sinter has to offer, such as the special stones that are quite difficult to come across in the game from the beginning till the end.

Who Is Arceus Ginter, and Where Did He Come From?

Arceus Ginter is indeed the chairman of the most renowned Ginkgo Guild, which is a store organization that also functions as a clan. So if you can find Arceus Ginter who will provide you with a variety of different items necessary for survival in game. He will give you an item for just a limited period, and it will change when you catch 20 Pokémon. These things vary from Evolution stones to Poké Ball sets and a variety of other critical commodities required for game survival.

Pokemon legends Arceus Ginters specials
Pokemon legends Arceus Ginters specials

Most notably, he offers more uncommon mechanical devices for 20,000 or 100,000 dollars. Mechanic Boxes Heat Rotom, Mechanic Cabinets Frost Rotom, Mechanic Tub Washing Rotom, Mechanic Pinwheel Fan Rotom, and Mechanical Rotary Saw Mow Rotom are devices that, when bought, go into the lodgings and let you modify the shape of the Pokémon Rotom. And at the same time, he will also sell several items which are listed as follows.

Item Price
Oran Berry 80
Sitrus Berry 800
Leppa Berry 800
Cheri Berry 120
Pecha Berry 120
Rawest Berry 120
Aspear Berry 120
Nanab Berry 200
Hopo Berry 300
Pinap Berry 400
Razz Berry 500
Medicinal Leek 120
PepUp Plant 160
Vivichoke 400
King’s Leaf 1000
Bugwort 180
Swordcap 240
Iron Barktongue 240
Doppel Bonnets 480
Direshroom 480
Candy Truffle 600
Sand Radish 800



Dusk Stone 5000
Shiny Stone 5000
Leaf Stone 5000
Fire Stone 5000
Dawn Stone 5000
Sun Stone 5000
Moon Stone 5000
Water Stone 5000
Thunder Stone 5000
Ice Stone 5000
Cord of Linking 5000
Upgrade 5000
Electirizers 5000
Magmarizers 5000
Razor Fangs 5000
Razor Claws 5000
Protectors 5000
Oval Stones 2000
Metal Coats 5000
Reaper Cloths 5000
Peat Blocks 10000
Poke Balls
Great Balls
Ultra Balls
Heavy Balls
Leaden Balls
Gigaton Balls
Feather Balls
Wing Balls
Jet Balls
Max Revives
Stealth Sprays
Mushroom Cakes
Honeys Cake
Grains Cake
Beans Cake
Salts Cake
Smokes Bomb
Scatters Bang
Stickys Glob
Nanabs Berry
Hopos Berry
Pinaps Berry
Razzs Berry



Even though the shop is the most important thing to get special items both mechanical and other, it has some flaws, such as when you buy these items, they will be sold to you in random order, and the cost of the first item that you will be purchasing will be 20,000, and subsequent purchases will increase by 20,000 increments, so it will be 20,000, 40,000, and 60,000 on each purchase. So think carefully before you purchase anything since it will help you boost your chances of effortlessly beating other players in the game.

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