Persistence Perk and Nubs COD Mobile

Persistence Perk COD Mobile: Persistence allows you to keep your score progressing after death. But the cost of scorestreaks is double. The advancement was initially resumed after picking up all the scorestreaks in a single game, and it was possible to acquire all the scorestreaks again.

While gamers are enjoying the new features, many remain angered by the developers’ apparent disdain for the Persistence Perk. The equippable ability lets people preserve their Scorestreak progress even if they die, albeit at the risk of raising the price of each Scorestreak. But this continues for the duration of the game, nearly ensuring some of the game’s best streaks.

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What are the loadouts in Call of Duty?

Then there are loadouts, which consist of your secondary weapons as well as deadly, tactical, reward, and operator skills. The focus of this COD Mobile gaming tutorial will be on perks. They, like classes in BR, are an important aspect of the multiplayer mode.

However, the majority of players are unaware of how to appropriately employ them. In actuality, the perfect combination of them would make the killing process much easier. In this article, you’ll learn about several perk combos that are best suited to certain play styles.

Persistence Perk COD Mobile
Persistence Perk COD Mobile

What is with Persistence Perk and Nubs?

Despite the players’ open disdain for the new offer, many people are disappointed by the Persistence Perk’s unpopular elimination. Players’ development isn’t always kept just on the fence, even when they work hard. After a very successful day, the value of each point is doubled. This, however, persists throughout the game, even for a few of the leading scorers.

Even if players remain silent, they can only earn one score per game, so there are no issues. A poll revealed three different options for dealing only with perk: just over 28% of those who asked for a nerf, just over 25% asking for just a buff, and just under 47% of the total asking for that to be reworked, indicating that it has a significant impact on new players.


Persistence is one of the most popular perks in Call of Duty because it allows you to keep winning even if you die, without affecting your score streak. So, if you come across this perk, it will be one of the best ways in Call of Duty to defeat your opponent without having to worry about losing your scores.

It’s clear that not everyone appreciates Persistence, but given the obscene stuff that the developers must contend with within the games, it’s a difficult decision to make whether or not to remove the perk.

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