Delete CODM Account With UID ! How to Delete and Recover?

Delete CODM Account With UID: There has been widespread panic after rumors of random accounts getting deleted by their UID surfaced. The chaos kicked off when popular CODM as many users had their account banned out of the blue.

Players didn’t think much of it was tweeted by different players that apparently there has been a hack in the cod game due to which people can delete other COD M accounts with the help of their ID and UID. This obviously caused quite an uproar as players called upon Activision to fix this issue. And to your actual benefit, it is actually possible to delete a COD M account with UID.

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How can Anyone Delete a CODM account using a user ID?

While it is unknown whether a website can erase a player’s account without their permission, it is possible that someone else could delete their COD M account. This, however, would necessitate them knowing both your PID and UID. This is done without the use of a third-party website.

\Activision’s privacy support portal allows you to see, download, or erase your personal information. Please remember that anyone can carry out this procedure. If a third party gets access to both your UID and your Player Identity, they can easily login to the system and remove it. This is sad because the process is unstoppable.

Delete CODM Account With UID
Delete CODM Account With UID

Let Us See how To Safeguard Yourself from Erasing User-Id

The best way to safeguard your account and ensure all your COD M progress is safe is to turn on the Streamer Mode. This mode scrambles your username as well as prevents hackers and scammers from viewing your UID. In addition, never reveal your PlayerID or UID to any third party. Doing this will only compromise the security of your account. So there are few steps given below to delete a Call of Duty mobile account connected to Facebook.

  • Log in to your Fb account associated with the game.
  • Select Settings from the drop-down menu.
  • Choose the programme you want to use.
  • Go to the Call of Duty Phone App.
  • Find the Remove APPLICATION option in the section below and delete your account.
  • When you select the Delete button, your profile will be separated from your Fb account and thus terminated.
Delete CODM Account With UID
Delete CODM Account With UID


Today there are many hackers in society and people who don’t want other people to succeed, even in-game. So in Call of Duty with the user ID of the person for whom you

want to delete the call of duty mobile just by following a few steps and knowing their user id. so if you want to prevent anyone from hacking or deleting your call of duty mobile user id, what you have to do is not to share your personal user id with anyone.

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