How to Use Supply Crate Coupon in BGMI

How to use supply crate coupon in BGMI: As you know BGMI is a very popular game. One of the most important things I and others love about the game is its unique skins. And the best way to get the skins is to open the crate. So, I have already told you about the crates in my previous article. Basically, you have to open the crates to get the items.

The best way to get crates is by Crates coupons and you can get the coupons by doing certain tasks. So in this article, I will tell you “how to use supply crate coupon in bgmi” without any complex steps.

How to Use Supply Crate Coupon in BGMI

1. First of all you should have at least 10 coupons to make a crate.

2. After that Go to inventory to make them a crate by clicking in use item.

3. Then open the crate and enjoy.

People are so hyped about “how to use supply crate coupon in bgmi” so i have told you this to know more details about “how to use supply crate coupon in bgmi” read the whole article.

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Twenty coupons are required to construct two supply crates in Battleground Mobile India (BGMI), while ten are required to make one.

Nowadays, the supply crate is more valuable than the premium box in terms of prizes. As a result, the majority of BGMI players prefer to open supply crates over other boxes.

Another advantage of the supply crate is that after surpassing the 100 percent opening limit, you will almost certainly receive one permanent prize. One open supply crate equals 3% of the total. It means you’ll need to open 34 supply crates to get 100%. People are so hyped about “how to use supply crate coupon in bgmi”.

How to acquire free BGMI supply crates and vouchers

use supply crate coupon in BGMI
use supply crate coupon in BGMI

1. It’s available from recall.

The recall event will appear on occasion in the event section. Every new season brings it with it. All you have to do is remember your old BGMI pals, and you’ll receive three free supply boxes.

As a result, the rule is straightforward: tap on recall. You will receive recall points, as well as 20 coupons and one crate, if the player returns to the game. After that, you can use those points to get more supply crates by exchanging them.

2. Increase your RP rank to the highest possible level.

The best method to get prizes is to get the royale pass. BGMI contains a variety of coupons, including supply crate coupons. As a result, upgrading the elitepass will provide you with more surprises than the non-elite pass.

3. Use your clan points to get rewards.

In BGMI, do you have enough clan points? If you have, you can use your clan points to receive four supply crates per week if you have enough.
(I) Make my way to the clan.
(II) Go to the clan shop and (III) trade your points with the container.

4. Clan objects will get you one free crate.

In BGMI, complete the clan object and get one supply crate, as well as AG, radio, and paint for free. You only need to add active players to your clan to accomplish the assignment.

5. Event and daily login

Every day in the event section, a new opportunity comes that gives free rewards like supply crates and coupons in BGMI(Battleground mobile India.

However, if there is no such opportunity available in the event section, you can claim one supply coupon from the daily login section.

6. Complete all weekly tasks

The mobile battleground Some of the missions that India sends are for a week. You can earn RP points and supply crates by completing certain weekly activities. So, I’m going to the mission.
(II) Participate in weekly activities.
(III) Finish the tasks.

7. Participate in clan battles

Clan battles are a feature in BGMI that allows you to earn free supply crates and supply crate vouchers along with other rewards. Two clans compete in this battle: Yours and Opponents. And the clan combat is won by the person who scores the most points.

So, even if you lose the bouts, you will still receive a reward, but it will be less. As a result, increase the number of talented and active members in your clan and try to win the battle.People are so hyped about “how to use supply crate coupon in bgmi”.

If you have any doubts related to “how to use supply crate coupon in bgmi”

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