Where To Destroy Slurp Barrels In Fortnite Chapter 3

Where To Destroy Slurp Barrels In Fortnite: Slurp Barrels must be destroyed to complete the Week 12 challenges in Fortnite. For the Week 12 Challenge in Fortnite, players must destroy Slurp Barrels. This guide will show gamers where the Slurp Barrels can be found. Every week, players are given a new set of weekly challenges to complete. With the new season already in its 12th week, new challenges are being introduced to give players an incentive to play every day.

Completing these challenges earns the player EXP points, which they can utilize to advance through the battle pass tiers. All of the locked battle pass material will vanish after the season is over. Attempting to complete these problems as quickly as possible creates a sense of urgency.

Here’s where you should look for them so you can do the job swiftly. A new week of Fortnite action comes a new set of weekly challenges to fulfill. Even though Epic has recently released v15.20, the Week 12 challenges have not been forgotten.

Players who want to level up and fill out their Battle Pass will need to destroy a certain number of Slurp Barrels in addition to completing conventional missions like drinking shield potions and searching treasures. This is the greatest place to look for Slurp Barrels so you can complete this challenge.

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Where to Find and Destroy Slurp Barrels in Fortnite?

Where To Destroy Slurp Barrels In Fortnite
Where To Destroy Slurp Barrels In Fortnite

Slurpy Swamp is one of the finest areas to find Slurp of any kind, according to avid Fortnite players. This point of interest is full of the wonderful things that help replenish your health and shield, as the name implies.

The place, which is a Slurp factory, is home to massive Slurp Silos, Slurp Trucks, and even Slurp-infused water that, if you stand in it for a long time, will eventually heal you. Slurp Barrels, on the other hand, are just what you’re looking for at the moment.

Locations of Destroying Slurp Barrels

Slurp Barrels can be found in several locations across the area, and they normally appear in groups of two or three (and occasionally four), so finding them all shouldn’t be difficult. You should pay a visit to a building to the northeast of Slurpy Swamp, as it holds many Slurp Barrels for you to find. Eight barrels are grouped in the area depicted on the map above.

Simply demolish the barrels with a few hits of your pickaxe once you’ve located them. If you reach a total of ten, you’ve accomplished this week’s challenge and won a cool 20,000 XP.

While you’re here, you should probably finish a few other weekly challenges. ‘Find Chests in Slurpy Swamp’ and ‘Visit Houses in Slurpy Swamp in One Match,’ for example.

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