Where Are Gas Pumps in Fortnite and How to Destroy Them?

Where Are Gas Pumps in Fortnite and How to Destroy Them? Epic Games published and developed Fortnite, a multiplayer online battle royale game. The game began as an online cooperative shooter-survival game in which four players worked together to defend their possessions against hordes of zombies by constructing traps and barricades.

The game mode is called “Save the World,” and it’s now in paid-early access, but it’ll be free at some point in 2019. Fortnite was introduced in 2017, along with a free-to-play game mode termed “Battle Royale” by the game’s makers. Because this game option was available for free, it immediately attracted a large following, and the game grew in popularity.

One of the challenges/missions from Fortnite Chapter 3’s week 12 of Season 1 requires us to destroy gasoline pumps at gas stations throughout the island. “Destroy gasoline pumps” is the name of the East challenge/mission in Fortnite. We inform you where the gasoline pumps are in this section of our entire guide to Fortnite Battle Royale.

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Where Are Gas Pumps in Fortnite Season 1?


This challenge/mission requires us to destroy four gasoline stations in any number of games, regardless of game style. Pumps and petrol stations can be found in the following locations on the island:

  • Campamento Carinoso
  • Caverna Clandestina
  • Aserradero Abandonado
  • EL Daily Bugle
  • Tuneles Turtuosos
  • Pisos Picados
  • Caserio Colesterol
  • Carretes Calurosos
  • Circuito De Chonker
  • Los Jonesvs
  • EL Santuario

How to Destroy a Gas Pump?

Simply shoot it with any weapon, set it on fire nearby, toss an explosive, or hit it with your pickaxe to demolish a gas pump (the latter is not highly recommended). There’s a considerable probability that by killing one of them, the explosion of the initial jet will also destroy the others nearby. What are the only gas pumps that can be demolished once every match?

This implies that if other players destroy the pumps before us, we may not be able to finish the quest, which is why we recommend that you rush to any of the spots mentioned on the map in this guide to get there first and destroy the pumps.

When you try to land at a gas station near the conclusion of the combat bus route; this way, there will be fewer players (both allies and opponents) dropping and destroying the gas pumps before you. For both comfort and speed, we recommend shooting the pumps from a distance. Except for knowing where gas stations and fuel pumps are, there isn’t much mystery to the assignment.

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