How to Survive Storm Circles: Complete Mission

How to Survive Storm Circles: The dreaded Cube Queen has finally come to Fortnite after much anticipation. You must survive Storm Circles while wielding a Sideways Weapon to obtain the Cube Queen skin. Of course, as anybody who has read our Fortnite Sideways Scythe tutorial knows, obtaining these unique weapons is no simple task.

This walkthrough for Sideways Weapons Fortnite – Survive Storm Circles While Carrying a Sideways Weapon – Cube Queen Skin will show you where to collect these weapons, how to complete the unique assignment, and how to get the Cube Queen skin as quickly as possible.

Survive Storm Circles While Carrying a Sideways Weapon

How to Survive Storm Circles
How to Survive Storm Circles

You must Survive 5 Storm Circles while carrying a Sideways Weapon if you want to obtain the official Cube Queen Outfit (and who wouldn’t?). Equip your Sideways Weapon and enter a Storm Circle once you’ve obtained one.

After five repetitions, you will have acquired the Cube Queen Skin. You can also complete other challenges to obtain the remainder of the cosmetics-related with her. These are some of them:

  • Using the Sideways Minigun to take out a player. You’ll obtain the Last Cube Standing Emoticon as a result of this.
  • Two opponents must be knocked out. The loading screen for the Queen’s Court will appear.
  • To phase for 3 seconds near another player, use a Shadow Stone or a Flopper. You’ll get the Cubic Vortex Back Bling if you finish this.
  • You’ll also get the Obliterator Variant of The Cube Queen Outfit and the Cubic Vortex Back Bling if you do all the tasks.
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How to tackle the start of a storm?

The storm circle is not visible at the start of the game. The only thing you’ll see on the map is a giant blue line indicating the Battle Bus’s journey, and that’s it. To put it another way, you can’t choose a landing place based on where the storm’s eye will be since you don’t know. Once the Battle Bus is moving, it takes around 20 to 40 seconds for all of the passengers to disembark, followed by a one-minute countdown as the stragglers fall to the floor.

Only then does the storm’s first destination, denoted by a large white circle, appear on the map. There’s no need to panic if you’ve dropped miles away from the storm circle. Before the storm circle shrinks, you have three minutes and twenty seconds to get your act together, acquire weapons, and stock up on ammo and traps.

After that, the storm takes another three minutes to reach the circle’s edge. In other words, you have six minutes and twenty seconds from the time the storm’s location is disclosed to travel to the circle’s edge.

How to Handle the Storm Mid-Game?

If you fall outside of the storm circle (or the eye of the storm) in the early stages of the game, don’t panic. As you can see from the table below, being caught in the early stages of a storm causes just minor health damage — one health point each second. If it’s better to take a 20-second run around a shootout than to walk directly into one, and you’ve got enough health to survive, don’t assume you have to go straight to the safe zone.

A couple of things to keep in mind: firearms still work while you’re caught in the middle of a storm. Bandages and medical kits, for example, continue to be effective. Shields, on the other hand, is useless. The storm damage, not the shield, will be taken from your health score. Being on the storm’s edge, on the other hand, can be advantageous. When in the middle of a storm, players tend to fear and flee to the nearest haven. They’re usually easy to kill if you can see them coming through the haze.

How to Deal with A Storm at The End of A Game?

The storm circle will continue to shrink until it is little more than a dot on the map. By the way, there’s no way of knowing where the circle will shrink. It shrinks at any point within the current circle at random. You don’t want to be caught in the storm by the end. Because your character will take damage at a rate of 10 points each second. You’ll have a maximum of 10 seconds to stay alive in the storm.

You’re likely to see the full storm circle from where you’re standing at the end of a game. Leaving you little time to run and hide. It’s now or never to fight to the death.

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