Where to find and Collect treasure using Drake’s Map Fortnite

Collect treasure using Drake’s Map Fortnite: Learn where to find Drake’s map in Fortnite and how to utilize it to accomplish the season challenge and find some highly wanted legendary loot. In Fortnite, the player is carrying Drake’s map and sprinting towards the treasure.

Do you want to learn how to harvest treasure in Fortnite utilizing Drake’s map? You can now locate maps in chests that lead to precious booty as part of a recent update to the popular battle royale game to commemorate the premiere of the Uncharted film. This isn’t a new mechanism, although the treasure map was last seen at the start of Chapter 2 in 2019.

Aside from visiting Adrift or Pawntoon in a motorboat, there are several other seasons challenges you should complete as soon as possible, as Chapter 3 Season 2 is approaching. You can, for example, duel particular Fortnite NPCs or drive a Quadcrasher to Pinnacle Peak, and you can encounter Spider-bouncers Man’s in Fortnite.

Collect treasure using Drake's Map
Collect treasure using Drake’s Map Fortnite

If you need a refresher on how to use the treasure map for this pirate-themed challenge, the steps to find the buried chest are listed below. Even if you’ve completed the task, if you have a spare slot, it’s worth taking a map when you find one. To finish your loadout, open the feast of goodies the map leads to, which will give you at least two legendary tier weapons and several recovery supplies.

Where to find Drake Map?

Simply look through Supply Drops, Chests, and other packages to find the map. While looting any of these, there’s a chance you’ll come across Drake’s Map. The item, like other goods in the game, takes up one spot in your inventory.

Select Drake’s Map after you have it, and a dotted trail will emerge in front of you. This will lead you to a chest containing valuable rewards. To get the treasure, simply follow it.

To get treasure using Drake’s map in Fortnite, follow these steps:

  • Loot chests or scavenge from defeated enemy players to find Drake’s map.
  • Equip the map and follow the red line until an X mark appears on the ground.
  • To dig out the buried wealth, use the harvesting tool in the center of the X.

This Fortnite challenge will be completed if you open the treasure chest you dug up with your harvesting equipment. You don’t have much time left before the season ends. So make sure you’ve completed all of the Fortnite Foundation skin tasks to unlock the Rock as a Fortnite skin. You can also find out how to get free V-bucks in Fortnite. So that you can save up for the next season’s skins.

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