When is the Griddy Coming back in Fortnite

When is the Griddy coming back in Fortnite; Emotes in Fortnite are a whole lot of fun. There are so many emote dances in Fortnite right now. But there is certainly one emote dance, that is on every one’s radar these days. It is Get Griddy emote. Get Griddy is popular in the game of fortnite, but also very difficult to come by as well. We at officialpanda.com have curated this article about when players can expect Get Griddy emote to come back in the game.

When is the Griddy coming back in Fortnite

Get Griddy is a part of the icon pack and the emote is available on a limited time and keep reappearing in the shop. The last time, get griddy was available in Fortnite was on January 18th 2022. The get griddy emote reappears once, after every 32 days in the game. Get Griddy was made available and introduced into the game way back in Season 2 Chapter 6 on April 29th last year(2021).

Get Griddy is popular among the fortnite community, to the point, it keeps re appearing after every month, when compared to other emotes in the game. Most skins and emotes in the game loose their way and vanish after a month or so. After appearing in January 18th 2022, the get griddy might make its way back this month as well. If you are one of the few who is eager to get their hands on the get griddy emote, we have you covered and we have date listings as well.

When is the Griddy coming back in Fortnite
When is the Griddy coming back in Fortnite

Get Griddy Emote – Who and How :

Justin Jefferson- NFL’s popular wide receiver made the emote of get griddy way more popular than many expected and he was behind the choreography of the emote as well. The Griddy has become a common celebration among the NFL players also. And when the get griddy emote comes back to the item shop in Fortnite, it is usually listed and can be bought for 500 V-bucks, the pricing of the emote does not change.

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Date listings for Get Griddy in Fortnite :

First introduced in April 29th 2021, and get griddy emote comes back for every 32 days. Recently, the emote has made its way into Fortnite item shop on January 18th 2022 and February 19th 2022. And if there’s a slightest of luck, get griddy emote might be in the item shop even today as well. If the emote is already taken out, there are high chances, the get griddy emote will make its return.

The return of Get Griddy emote in Fortnite should be April 1st week, and most probably on April 2nd. Mark your calendars and be sure to snatch the get griddy pack with 500 V-bucks, when it returns in game.

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