Bgmi Supply Crate Release Date: Confirmed!!

BGMI supply crate release date: The new BGMI supply crate will be available for $30. Contain some of the most popular items that were previously only available in the Founder’s Crate. This includes a unique camo a unique weapon skin and two special outfits. BGMI is a very popular game among kids as well as old-age people.

It provided a kick to them. There is one more thing which provides a kick to them and that is premium clothes. The best way to get premium clothes in BGMI is through opening crates. The best crate at a cheap price is the Supply crate that’s why everyone is eagerly waiting for BGMI supply crate.

Is the Name of Supply Crate Changing in BGMI?


Is it just us, or does ‘Supply crate’ not appear in the list of crates in BGMI? The Supply Crate’s name appears to have been modified in the game, and it is now known as the ‘Knight Crate.’

All of the rules and things remain the same, and you, the players, may still access them through UC or other ways. So, don’t be puzzled, and keep trying to fill your crate in BGMI to acquire everything in the game! People are hyped about “BGMI supply crate release date”.

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BGMI Supply Crate Release Date

Bgmi supply crate release date is set to release on March 5th. The PUBG Game Supply Crate is a new crate that can be purchased for $4.99. It contains 14 different items and all of the items are themed around a variety of games including PUBG Mobile.

The items inside the crate will vary from player to player based on what’s popular in-game at the time. But most people seem to get one or two cool-looking outfits. As well as some other in-game items like emotes and skins. To view all details about “BGMI supply crate release date” read the full article.

How to Get Crates for Free?

If you are new to PUBG and have not bought a crate yet then you might be wondering where to get one for free. There is no such thing as getting crates for free in PUBG at the moment. but there are two ways you can earn them without spending any money. You can also buy a key to open one of the locked boxes if you do want to use your own money on it it is fine.

You can also use game rewards for it and after that hope that you will get a crate for free. Another way to get it for free is waiting for spins. In spins there are hidden places where you have to click and then you will be rewarded with a gift. And many have to wonder what is the gift?.

So let me tell you it is usually a free crate. To view all details about “BGMI supply crate release date” read the full article.

Premium Crate

The Premium Crate is a new crate in PUBG Mobile that has been added to the game. And will be available for purchase from today. This is an exclusive crate for those who want to pay real money to get some rare items.

The cost of this crate is $1.99 but you can use the code ‘PUBGMOBILE’ which will give you 3 free crates. You can also buy a pack containing 20 crates at $9.99 or 40. People are hyped about “BGMI supply crate release date”.

Custom Crate

The custom crate is a new feature added in the PUBG mobile 0.5.0 update. In this update. we can add a custom crate which will cost us 5 gems to get it. There are 3 types of crates available. custom crates contain random items and can be purchased with BP or Diamonds. You can get a free crate every day by logging in to PUBG Mobile for a limited time. If you open it you will receive 2-3 items from the crate and at least one of them is guaranteed to be rare. You can also purchase other crates with BP or Diamonds.

If you have any doubts related to “BGMI supply crate release date” you can ask them in the comments.

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