Best Games of 2022 for Mobile: You Must Try Once!

Best Games of 2022 for Mobile: Teenagers are very connected to mobile games. They spend their free time playing these games. The mobile games had a lot of audiences and had billions of downloads. Teenagers play it for refreshments and have a lot of fun and joy in it.

These games are very popular and we will provide you with the list and the details of the Best Games of 2022 for Mobile. These games had very great stuff and the amazing battle royale and other things. These gamers are famous all over the globe.

These games are selected after detailed research and every game is worth playing. The games are the best and you will really like them when you start playing them. We will tell you plenty of games so that you can play and try the whole and choose the best you like. Let’s See the list.

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List of Best Games of 2022 for Mobile:

Best Games of 2022 for Mobile
Best Games of 2022 for Mobile

Star War: Kotor II

This game has been very popular since its release. The game had a very large audience with the first number on our list. The developer of the game is Bioware. It is both available on the Android and the Ios version. The game had a lot of great stuff with full fun. This is like the Old Republic class game. It’s more of the same but the fun is more than that game.

The KOTOR II game has better graphics and a much more impressive and great story. You will see the different side of light that was not yet explored, and that thing is worth playing the game for. So give this game a try. You are reading the Best Games of 2022 for Mobile Article.

Genshin Impact

This game is very popular and has a great concept. It is giving an edge to all the games available right now. The gamers had a lot of craze for it. The developer of the game is MiHoYo. It is available on Android, Ios, and the switch. This is the best thing for the gamers to get this game on the PS. This action-adventure game was a lot of fun.

The Genshin Impact game had the gacha mechanic and an online multiplayer battle royale mode which fascinated a massive number of players over the gamers.

The game is Highly engaging and full of mysterious locations and quests, Genshin Impact is a must-try if you haven’t done so yet! If you decide to give it a go, claim some of the Genshin Impact codes for a good head start.

Among us

This is a multiplayer game with a completely different concept with the friend playing mode. It had an inclusive sound system where you could chat and play. The game had so many downloads and the many players stream it with the many congressmen in it also.

The game is available on Android, ios and if you want to play it on the Switch you have to pay some amount for it. This game is one of the biggest hits. This game works on the Imposter and the Friends Concept.


This game also made the place on the list. This is the simple one with not too much action. It is a puzzle game where you need a tough mind to tackle things. This is totally an addictive one as players spend hours upon hours in it. It’s a boggling game.

It works on the leaderboard and the more you continue the game the more it gets tough. It is available on Android and ios.

Raid- Shadow Legends

This game is 3D and the graphics are too good. The whole game is too stunning and worth playing. This game is full of action and adventure, screen-filling pyrotechnics accompanying your every PVE campaign mission or PVP Arena scrap.

It is available on both Android and the Ios. The game had millions of downloads all over the globe. You are reading the Best Games of 2022 for Mobile Article.

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Pokemon Go

The game was renowned and had created its different impression. The pokemon game is based on a cartoon show and this had billions of downloads. It had come a way before 2016. The game is truly based on the AR and the location based concept where you will find the pokemons at different locations. With them you can battle and get the wins.

Call of Duty: MOBILE

This game is a real battleground action game. This is online multiplayer with a lot of amazing stuff in it. The game has been very popular over the years. The teenagers are very crazy about it and have gained a lot of joy. This is a really expansive game with the shooting ground. It is available on both Android and IoS. This game totally looks and moves beautifully too, with top-notch controller support and plenty of modes to try.

Clash Royale

Clash Royale is a strategic game. This game had more than a thousand imitators. Playing cards here spawns 3D units onto a simple two-lane battlefield. It is available on Android and iOS. The game is so vast and has the army making strategy. You are reading the Best Games of 2022 for Mobile Article.

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This is a brilliant game and has an adventure game with a modern audience. This game had a lot of things and was really fun to play. The game had a lot of downloads and was available on both the play store and the Apple store.

PUBG Mobile

The game is one of the first battle multiplayer games. This battleground game had a lot of stuff and the game had many things where you can play with anyone over the globe. Many gamers stream it lives on Youtube. It is truly a great one and around 100 countries play it. You can download it on Android and ioS. You are reading the Best Games of 2022 for Mobile Article.

This is all about the Best Games of 2022 for Mobile. We told you the best games which will lead you to try the finest games and choose the favorite one for the best pastime of yours. The games are too good and addictive for the players. The staff and the battle royale are amazing. We have given you information about 10 games. All these games are very good and you can play and enjoy them.

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