How to Recover Your Call of Duty Mobile Account?

Recover Your Call of Duty Mobile Account: You may already be aware, but you can log in as a guest on Call of Duty Mobile using your email address, a Call of Duty / Activision account, or your Facebook account. There are various ways to retrieve your Call of Duty Mobile account if you have misplaced it. You could think it’s fantastic! You’re not mistaken, because we’ll also provide you some advice on how to keep your CoD Mobile account safe! Let’s get started!

What should I do if I lose my Call of Duty Mobile account?

There are a few things you may do if you’ve misplaced your Call of Duty Mobile account. First and foremost, if you had an Activision account for Call of Duty Mobile but misplaced it when you switched phones, you may easily retrieve it. We understand that not everyone likes keeping their passwords secure. So don’t worry, you’ll be able to recover your Call of Duty game data!

To recover a Facebook-linked CoD Mobile account, you’ll need to know your Facebook credentials. To reset your password, go to Facebook, key in your email address, click “forgot password,” and follow the procedures until you receive a link to change it. Keep this password in a safe place so you can remember it if you switch phones!

It’s also feasible to do the same way to swiftly restore an Activision account: request a new password! With a Call of Duty account, the dynamic is precisely the same!

Please note that if you used a guest account, your information is not kept. You will lose your CoD Mobile data if you remove the game. As a result, connecting to a Facebook or Activision account is required.

How to recover your Call of Duty Mobile account?
How to recover your Call of Duty Mobile account?

How can I keep my Call of Duty Mobile data from being lost?

The best way to avoid losing your Call of Duty Mobile account is to:

  • Passwords should be written down or kept in your phone notes (and transfer your notes if you change smartphones).
  • Join your accounts together!

The safest solution is to link your accounts on CoD mobile. Your Activision and Facebook accounts can be linked. If you connect to Call of Duty Mobile with Facebook, for example, you can always check in with your Facebook ID and password on another phone!

The most intriguing thing about Activision is creating an account, or creating a new one if you have lost your old one. You’ll be assigned a new Activision ID. Following that, “connect all your platform accounts” to your new Activision account.

Before you begin playing Call of Duty games, you must first link your accounts. You may link your CoD accounts this way, whether you’re playing the franchise on PC or consoles.

You can also use your Steam, Xbox Live, or PlayStation accounts to log into Activision.

So now you know how to regain access to your Call of Duty Mobile account. Isn’t it straightforward? Before logging into the game, we urge that you follow our guidelines to avoid losing your Call of Duty account!

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