S8 Bounty Legends Elite Royal Pass: Detailed Guide to Help You

S8 Bounty Legends Elite Royal Pass: BGMI is one of the most popular games in mobile gaming currently in India. After banning the PUBG, Krafton took the development role of BGMI. The game developers provide monthly updates with a new theme with a new concept. In the game, they provide monthly Royal Pass updates.

After the M7 Royale Pass of BGMI, they have pushed the M8 Royal Pass after that. There is a lot of news in the latest S8 Bounty Legends Elite Royal Pass. It is currently live now in BGMI as well as in PUBG.

In this article, we are going to share the details about the newly arrived S8 Bounty Legends Elite Royal Pass in BGMI. You all might have upgraded to the Royal Pass or Elite Royal Pass. But if you are not, here you might get some good pieces of information about that.

Bounty Legends Elite Royal Pass
Bounty Legends Elite Royal Pass

S8 Bounty Legends Elite Royal Pass: A Detailed Guide to Help You Out

BGMI is a game that is the PUBG Mobile game with the Indian server. The game mechanism is not very different from PUBG Mobile, that is why the events also come to the BGMI. Of course, some new exclusive events come only to the BGMI, especially for India, but more or fewer events are the same.

BGMI provides also the same Battle Royale Pass for the game via monthly updates like PUBG Mobile. As we know that the M7 is ending already & we are introduced to the newly M8 Royal Pass- Bounty Legends. There are a lot of new things that are new in this Royal Pass update.

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On 19th February 2022 at 7:30 am morning (IST) we have noticed the newly launched M8 Royal Pass. M8 Elite Royale passes you can get with your UC in the game. But what is the pricing of the M8 Bounty Legends Elite Royal Pass? How can we buy that? We will guide you to that in this article today.

S8 Bounty Legends Elite Royal Pass

Rewards of S8 Bounty Legends Elite Royal Pass

There are lots of things that came in the BGMI with the M8 Royal Pass update. Here are some of the rewards for reference-

  • As the previous M7 Royal Pass, there will be some Legendary items & a Mythic item as the highest reward in this RP also.
  • In Rank 1 of the Royal Pass, there will be a QBU Legendary skin & there will be a Legendary Male outfit also.
  • After that in Rank 10, there will be a Backpack skin.
  • In Rank 15 a free RP emotes with Legendary avatar & legendary ornament.
  • Continuing in Rank 20 there will be a legendary grenade skin.
  • In Rank 25 there will be a free shirt for all.
  • And finally, Rank 30 for Airplane skin & mythic emote in the RP M8.
  • After that in Rank 35, UMP45 gun skin for free.
  • In Rank 40, a Legendary SCARL gun skin.
  • In the end, of course, the highest prize, the mythic outfit in Rank 50.

S8 Bounty Legends Elite Royal Pass price

The Pricing will be the same as the previous M7 Royale Pass season. Here we are mentioning for just a reference-

  1. 360 UC for Royale Pass Elite.
  2. 960 UC for Royale Pass Elite Plus.

Of course, you will get some extra items like an exclusive avatar frame with it, But plus version & it costs more as well.

Note: If you have reached 30 RP in the previous season Royale Pass, you can get a 60 UC discount coupon while purchasing the RP. So, the effective prices will be 300 UC & 900 UC respectively.

So that’s all for this article. We hope you have gotten detailed information about the S8 Bounty Legends Elite Royal Pass. Hope you all like this article about the new set Royale Pass. Follow our social handles for more information.

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