Jonathan Sensitivity Code Bgmi: Become God Player?

Jonathan Sensitivity code BGMI: BGMI is currently a new trend among mobile players in the Indian gaming community. After the PUBG ban in India, Krafton decided to take care of our beloved game with a rename. Currently, BGMI is available for both the platform Android & iOS. The developers are always active to make the game even better.

But some players play this game professionally which inspires other players to make their carrier with gaming. There is now several tournaments & championship to show your inner talent. But you always need skills to show your talent. That’s why every player needs to be a pro thus they can show their skills & maybe make your carrier in gaming. 

One of the examples is Jonathan of GodLike Esports. He is an excellent & well-known player of BGMI. Most of the youngsters admire this Indian Pro player. So if you want to play the game like Jonathan, here is his sensitivity code for reference. In this article, we are going to provide the Sensitivity code of Jonathan in BGMI. Let us start the article-

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Jonathan Sensitivity Code BGMI: How to Become Pro like Jonathan?

Jonathan Sensitivity code BGMI
Jonathan Sensitivity Code BGMI

BGMI is released in July 2021 in India after the preregistration period. This game is published & developed by Krafton itself. It is one of the top-grossing games currently in the Play Store. Surely this game is only listed on the Indian server. BGMI is the same as PUBG Mobile from global but it relies on an Indian server rather than the global server.

The Esports era is currently ruling the Indian mobile gaming community. Tournaments are going live here and there in BGMI. There is one name that you will find in the BGMI gaming community is Jonathan of GodLike esports. People admire him like a pro gamer of BGMI. People love to play in his style so recently his voice pack was been live in the game shop as well.

Jonathan is an excellent player with his skills of him. Surely the skills can not be copied, but one thing that players can copy is his sensitivity code of BGMI. apply the Sensitivity code on your settings & get some decent gameplay as Jonathan plays. We are here to provide you with the sensitivity code in this article.

The Sensitivity of Jonathan: Here is The Code

Here is the code of the Sensitivity of Jonathan-


But wait, Copying Sensitivity & applying it to your phone does not mean it will be perfect. There is some reason to know behind that.

Applied Sensitivity Blindly? It May Ruins Your Experience

Jonathan Sensitivity Code
Jonathan Sensitivity Code BGMI

Sensitivity is a major thing in BGMI for better gameplay. Sensitivity & device is proportional to each other. A high-end device needs a high sensitivity for a smooth experience. If you copy a high sensitivity & apply it to your low-end device then you might get results that may be worse.

Make sure you practice in training ground after you apply the sensitivity of others. Master them as well. If some sensitivity does not fits you then change that according to you. Then it will reflect in your gameplay.

Hope you like my work about Jonathan Sensitivity Code BGMI. Stay tuned for upcoming updates & tips on BGMI.

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