Gl Joe X Brawlhalla Collaboration

Gl Joe X Brawlhalla Collaboration: Brawlhalla is a free-to-play platform fighting game that pits players against each other in the halls of Valhalla for glory. In a tournament of champions, Vikings, pirates, aliens, and others compete for bragging rights, mead, and the satisfaction of administering a thrashing. Players can compete against friends in typical four-player local battles, fight online, or construct their custom lobby.

Valhalla was established by Odin, King of the Gods, as a heaven for warriors. Valkyries, gorgeous goddesses of war, combed the world for the most powerful soldiers to fill this hall at his command. To Odin’s surprise, the Valkyries return not only Vikings, but renowned warriors of all kinds, and the hall was quickly overrun with pirates, cowboys, Mongol warriors, Amazons, monsters, and aliens.

The warriors become bored while waiting for Ragnarok. Asgard was repeatedly battering to ruins as a result of constant battles that spill out of the Great Hall. The grand tournament was set up by Odin, who was ripping his hair out in desperation. Now, the best warriors from all eras and places compete for the title of champion, while the Valkyries travel far and wide in search of warriors who will bring them honor in Brawlhalla.

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About the Collaboration of Gl Joe x Brawlhalla:

Gl Joe X Brawlhalla
Gl Joe X Brawlhalla Collaboration

Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow from G.I. JOE will be playable in Brawlhalla as Epic Crossovers on February 23, according to Ubisoft and Hasbro.

The battle between these famous G.I. Joe and Cobra Ninjas will kick off an in-game event that will include a new Showdown game style area called Arashikage Dojo, as well as a Brawl of the Week. The Arashikage Showdown is a four-player free-for-all battle. In which players are pitting against traps that can make or break the encounter. In the new Arashikage Dojo map, the player with the greatest score in three minutes wins. Thus taking advantage of the traps and pressure plates is crucial.

Other G.I. JOE-inspired in-game products will be available from next week before the event begins, in addition to the new characters and terrain. After the Epic Crossover Event concludes, all new products and the map will remain available for purchase and play.

About the Brawlhalla:

Brawlhalla’s simple controls make the game simple to pick up for new players. While also providing enough depth to maintain a vibrant competitive community. Every win is a spectacle worthy of the gods, with over 30 different warriors. To choose from, each with two playstyle-altering weapon kinds.

Every Legend wishing to display their strength in Asgard will find something to their liking in a variety of online and offline formats. Up to eight warriors can take the field at once thanks to ranked queues. Local 1v1 and 2v2, a four-player online free-for-all, and an online or local free-for-all. Brawlball, Snowbrawl, Basketball, and more game types allow the heroes to hone their talents in unique ways.

Every ambitious warrior may select a hero that suits their playstyle among the more than 30 Legends. Each with their unique two-weapon combos and combat styles. In the Grand Tournament of Valhalla, grab a horn of mead and prepare to face off against opponents from a separate platform.

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