Defeat Mancake, Ronin, or Shanta in a Duel

Defeat Mancake, Ronin, or Shanta in a Duel – Fortnite Chapter 3: A new week calls for new weekly challenges in Fortnite. Every week Fortnite introduces weekly challenges into the ongoing season, based on the recently released updates. All the weekly challenges make big use of the updates and make players familiar with recent developments. This week was very big and busy for Fortnite and its player’s community.

There is new valentine themed challenges and quests specifically for Skin packs as well. Amidst all of this Fortnite has introduced the weekly challenges, one of those challenges will have players defeat Man cake, Ronin, or Shanta in a Duel. This is a very interesting challenge and is very easy to complete as well.

We at have put together this guide for players to use and complete the weekly challenges. But this article is more focused on the completion of defeating Man cake, Ronin, or Shanta in a duel in the ongoing season.

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Defeat Mancake, Ronin, or Shanta in a Duel :

defeat mancake, ronin or shanta in a duel
defeat mancake, ronin or shanta in a duel

In order to complete this weekly challenge of defeating Mancake, Ronin, or Shanta in a duel, players will have to hire an NPC. NPC’s are present all across the map of Fortnite. And they provide quite a multiple set of services to the players, and one of those services is that they let players challenge the NPC’s and acquire their weapons as well.

But certainly not all the NPC’s on the map, provide with dueling options, there are only a few. They are Man cake, Ronin, and Shanta. All the players need to do is approach the NPC’s and there will be an option to duel them and initiate combat. Once, the players defeat the NPC’s, they won’t be able to respawn in the same match. So, players have to be sure and gather all the necessary gear and use the NPCs fully before challenging them on a duel, to complete the challenge.

Players on completing the challenge will be able two earn two sets of rewards. Players on defeating the NPCs will be getting two weapons which might be of rare or epic rarity. And for completing the weekly challenge players will be able to boost their levels and get 25,000 XP.

And if you are wondering where to find these specific NPCs on the map. Read on further to know more.

 Finding Ronin on Fortnite Map :

Ronin is usually around the IO POI near Convert Cavern. Moreover, ronin can be found usually in the hideout behind Pinnacle Peak. This particular NPC usually has a shotgun and a pistol, players need to be better equipped with proper gear and weapons.

Weapons like snipers or any other long-range weapons will be very helpful in defeating the ronin. After defeating the Ronin, there is usually a huge chance of winning either a Sidearm pistol or Striker pump shotgun, and both of these weapons are epic in rarity.

Finding Shanta on Fortnite Map :

defeat shanta in a duel
defeat shanta in a duel

Shanta is one of the farthest located NPCs on the map. Shanta is located almost to the southern side of Condo Canyon. And the places are usually located on the map with three triangles forming a location. She uses an assault rifle and her SMG. Defeating Shanta is a little difficult,  players will need to be a little patient. Shanta usually uses her SMG and gains a huge boost, so players need to wait for a little before taking her out.

By defeating Shanta, players will be getting SMG and an assault rifle, of different specifications.

Finding Man cake on Fortnite Map :

Man cake is located near the southwestern side of the Rocky Reels. Mancake is usually roaming around the Butter Barn. Defeating the Mancake NPC should be a lot easier, as the character doesn’t have the access to SMGs, and the duel with mancake will be taking place inside a building.

After defeating Mancake players will be able to access Sidearm of epic rarity and a Ranger assault rifle .

There are more challenges that players can complete which are quite easy and highly rewarding.

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