Pokémon Go Apex Shadow Lugia: Coming in Johto Tour

Pokémon Go Apex Shadow Lugia: Pokémon is mainly a game of casual category by Play store, but the Pokémon fans know that it is a role-playing game in a virtual world. There are tons of features in the game that you can play. The main thing of the game is to catch the Pokémon with Poke balls. That’s why the tagline of the game is- “Gonna Catch’em all”.

Today Pokémon Go announced Apex Shadow Lugia will be available in Johto tour. A newer form of Lugia will be available for the tour. But what is this Apex Shadow Lugia? What is the speciality of it? Let us discuss some details about it that we have got in this article.

Pokémon Go Apex Shadow Lugia: Is it Worth?

Pokémon Go is an AR game that is based on the Pokémon show that people loved so much. It required a GPS connection & an active Internet connection to play. It is launched on 2016 July 6 by Niantic – The Pokémon Company, Nintendo. People appreciated a lot in the launch time.

But after the pandemic hits in 2020, it affects a lot to the players as well as the whole community. Even the game developers suffer this. But Niantic introduced Tour events that people can take advantage of in their locality rather than travel to any other city.

Pokémon Go Apex Shadow Lugia
Pokémon Go Apex Shadow LugiaJohto Tour is one of those events that is a yearly event. It is as same Kanto tour from the last year, though it is different. There will be all Johto region Pokémon’s which will be available in this tour. It will spawn in the wild with a shiny boosted rate as well.

However, just like the previous year, this year players will get a chance to get 2 legendary Pokémon’s by the special research. Ho-Oh & Lugia will be those two legendaries that players will encounter. It will be with its shadow form with an apex boost in its stats. So the Pokémon’s will be Apex Shadow Lugia & Apex Shadow Ho-Oh.

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How to Get Apex Shadow Lugia in Pokémon Go?

Pokémon go is holding a global event in March. It is named Johto Tour as a yearly tour event. But there are changes in this event as like the other events. There is a ticket in the shop right now for the event. If you get the ticket from the shop, only then you will be able to get the Apex Shadow Lugia in the game.

But what is special about Apex Shadow Lugia? How it is different from Shadow Lugia from the last Team Go Rocket event? Here are some stats that have been announced of the Apex Shadow Lugia on their website.

Let us take a look at Apex Shadow Lugia that you should consider to get it or not-.

Stats of Apex Shadow Lugia: How Strong it is?

Apex Shadow Lugia will be available only for ticket holders. Here are the stats that you should see before buying the ticket-

Apex Shadow Lugia:

  • Apex Shadow Lugia will learn Aero Blast+ in its shadow form. It is a stronger version of Aero Blast which is already a legacy move.
  • If you purify Apex Shadow Lugia, it will learn Aero Blast++, which is stronger than Aero Blast+.
  • You cannot get this charge moves by using Elite Charge TM. You can get this only from this event.
  • Aero Blast+
  • Trainer Battles: 170
  • Gyms and Raids: 200


  • Aero Blast++
  • Trainer Battles: 170 (same)
  • Gyms and Raids: 225 


So these are the details about the Apex Shadow Lugia in the upcoming Pokémon Go event, the Johto Tour. Only the ticket holders can get this Pokémon. So if you are interested in this version of Lugia, go & get the ticket for yourself.

Hope our work will make your decision better. Follow us for more upcoming updates about Johto Tour & Pokémon Go.

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