New Monarch Skin Fortnite Chapter 3 ! How to Get

New Monarch Skin Fortnite Chapter 3: A new update means , time for brand new content in Fortnite. The newly released patch 19.30 has a lot of fresh content for its players. The update introduces fresh set of skins and cosmetics. The update is packed with quests and challenges that will keep players occupied. Fortnite is officially into the Week 10 in Season 1 Chapter 3.

The new season and battle pass is still a month away. But the players will be completely occupied till next month, with all the challenges and quests that are introduced with this patch update. The update introduces three different skins into the game, but there is a clear favorite for many of them. But in this article, we will focus on Monarch skin that is part of the update.

Fortnite leakers and data miners have come across this skin and its set, during the downtime. During the downtime, many leakers have come across the Monarch skin and there are quests, that will need players to roam around the map. The Monarch skin might as well be part of moving the over all story of Fortnite forward. There are particular set of quests that players will require to complete, over the 4 week period to get the Monarch skin.

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Monarch Skin – Fortnite Season 1 Chapter 3 :

Of all the leaked skins, Monarch skin seems to be the favorite for many. But completing and unlocking the entire Monarch skin pack will include a little work for the players. The entire Monarch skin and pack will go live officially on February 16th. And the pack offers a selective quests that offer quite a lot of bonuses when completed. But if the players are looking to buy this pack, it is available in that way as well. Monarch skin pack will be available for purchase with V-bucks, but will have to spend some real currency too. The pricing of this pack, should fall under the similar pricing of other packs introduced in the game.

Monarch Skin Fortnite Chapter 3
Monarch Skin Fortnite Chapter 3

After buying the Monarch skin pack, players will be gifted with the following rewards, but there is a little catch to it:

  • Shattered Wings backbling (February 16th)
  • Monarch’s Glow Wrap ( February 24th )
  • Golden style for Shattered Wings ( March 3rd )
  • Golden style for Monarch skin (March 10th)

The biggest catch to the Monarch skin pack, is that entire skins and cosmetics will be unlocked on a weekly basis and will only be available after completing certain tasks – 28 tasks to be precise. For the 28 tasks to complete, players will have to visit various places on the map and collect in-game tokens.

Update 19.30 Patch notes :

While the Monarch skin pack, clearly steals the light of the recently released update, there are some cool new features and weapons added as well. According to the leaks and data files, Epic games is working on a new weapon, which is tentatively labelled as “Homing Rocket” ,and the weapon has two tags as well – Launcher Homing Rocket and Missile Locked. There are higher chances of this weapon being introduced in the game, in a short while.

The return of IO drillers in the game, while the new season for chapter 3 is almost a month away. The IO drillers are slowly starting to increase their work and there will be noticeable earthquakes in the island of Fortnite. Not just that, there are a few leaked audio files and all of them point for the same- Drill starting , Rattle Metal Debris, Rattle Wood Debris, Screen shake, Ground smoke. All these audio files could be pointing towards the big reveal and finale for the ending of Season1.

Toon peely and Toon Bushy are the other skins that were introduced in the update 19.30.

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