How to Access Fortnite Solid Gold Mode and Complete Quest

Access Fortnite Solid Gold mode and Complete Quest: Looks like Epic games are sticking to their words very seriously. Epic Games has promised their players there will be fresh content to explore every week, and they are sticking to their words. Fortnite has kicked off this week with Valentine’s themed Stone heart trials and introduced the Monarch skin pack. Fortnite has the new solid gold mode challenges live. If you are wondering how to gain access to the Fortnite solid gold mode and complete the quests. You are at the right spot. Certainly, there are new quests to complete, but they can seem to be a little confusing.

We at have put together this article, for the players who are looking for how to gain access for Fortnite solid gold mode and complete all the quests easily.

Access Solid Gold Mode – Fortnite :

Completing the quests is an easy way to level up faster in the game of Fortnite. After the recent completion of the Close Encounters quest, Fortnite has already a new set of quests for players to explore and complete. The access to solid gold mode will be available for a short period of time only – until 2nd March 2022.

How to Access Fortnite Solid Gold Mode
How to Access Fortnite Solid Gold Mode

Solid Gold is an LTM, that is always in Fortnite in one way or another. They are in Fortnite since 2018, there is little specialty to this mode, compared to the normal mode. In solid gold mode, players will go through the matches, the same way as normal battle royale matches. But the weapon drops a lot drastically different than normal ones. In solid gold mode, the weapon drops are always of legendary and are rarely seen in the game. Sounds super exciting.

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Playing in Solid Gold Mode- Fortnite :

Certain players might find an issue with playing the solid gold model. We have you covered, worry not. For players to easily access the solid gold mode – players will need to enter the following code – 5210 2267 4798 in the “Island code” screen. If that does not work for the players, they need to wait a little while, for Fortnite to add it into the Discover screen itself. But players can meanwhile gather teams to complete this mode. Players should be in squads, to complete and play in Solid Gold mode.

One way or the other, players will have a very limited time frame to participate in the solid gold mode, and complete the following quests to unlock and enjoy their rewards.

Quests in Solid Gold Mode – Fortnite :

There are four quests players need to join in squads and complete them to unlock the rewards. Here are the 4 quests –

  • Collect Gold Bars in Solid Gold
  • Loot chests in Solid Gold
  • Deal damage to opponents in Solid Gold
  • Complete 3 Solid Gold quests.

The quests are very easy to complete and earn rewards will be freer as well. Dealing the damage to opponents will be very simple since all the weapons will be in Legendary mode, easier to attack, and be on the receiving side as well. When the enemies are dealt with damage of close to 300 times, these quests will be completed. By completing the quest of dealing the damage to opponents, players will be rewarded with – 12000 XP.

Completing the other quests will have players rewarded with different amounts of XP, for every challenge. On completion of collecting Gold bars in solid gold mode, will have players rewarded with 14,000 XP. Upon looting chests in solid gold mode, players will be rewarded with 10,000 XP. And finally upon, completing the 3 solid gold quests – which is the fourth quest of the challenge. Players will be getting 18,000 XP. Players can easily complete the 4 quests in a single match.

The biggest benefit for all the players joining in Solid Gold mode, is they get to complete easy quests and earn more in rewards with XP, and they can use the XP to unlock battle stars and skins.

Jump into the Fortnite island and complete the solid gold model and its quests by March 2nd, 2022 – 3:00 pm CET/9:00 AM EST.

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