Complete All Monarch Quest Pack Challenges Fortnite

Complete All Monarch Quest Pack Challenges – Fortnite: There will never be a shortage of brand new content in Fortnite. Every week, Fortnite is continuously introducing new content to keep its players excited and occupied. This week also Epic games have something special for their fans. This week, Fortnite kicked off by introducing the Valentines day themed Stoneheart trials event, and they are all set to introduce the Monarch Quest pack in the game. Later in the week, Fortnite will officially introduce Uncharted-themed quests and challenges, along with Holland’s Nathan Drake skin.

In this article, we at have put all the necessary information needed to complete the Monarch pack challenges. Fortnite is introducing the brand new skin pack, but to completely unlock this pack, players will have to do a lot of extra work. Here’s our guide on how to complete all the monarch quest packs and their challenges.

Monarch Quest Pack Challenges

This Monarch skin pack will take the players for a trip around the Fortnite map. Because players will need to find and collect specific tokens to complete the pack and unlock all the cosmetics, which are part of the skin pack. The much-hyped Monarch pack will contain four different cosmetics.

Complete All Monarch Quest Pack Challenges
Complete All Monarch Quest Pack Challenges Fortnite

Players cannot complete this challenge in a single stretch, every week Fortnite will release 7 tokens in the game.

Here are the 4 weeks, the pack and tokens are split with :

  • Shattered Wings Back bling – Week1
  • Monarch’s Glow Wrap – Week 2 from February 24th
  • Golden style for shattered wings – Week 3 from March 3rd
  •  Golden style for Monarch skin – Week 4 from March 10th.

But to further complete this challenge and collect all the tokens in the given week period. Players will have to keep roaming the map. If you are worried about the vast area that needs to be covered. We got you covered, players will have to visit the given below locations and collect the 7 tokens every week and unlock the cosmetics.

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Shattered Wings Back Bling – Week 1 :

To collect shattered wings back bling, players will have to drop at the specific locations and scout for the token.

  • Collect level up tokens at Sunflower’s saplings
  • Collect level up a token at the northeast of Logjam Lumberyard
  • Level up token at Rocky Residence
  • Level up token at Mighty Monument
  • Collect level token at Sandblast estates
  • Collect level up token at Greasy grove
  • Level up token at Happy Camper

Monarch’s Glow Wrap – Week 2 :

To collect Monarch’s glow wrap, players will have to wait until February 24th. After February 24th, the 7 tokens will be available to collect at these locations in Fortnite island :

  • Collect level up token at Covert Cavern
  • Collect level up token at Logjam Lumberyard
  • Level Up Token at Shifty Shafts
  • Level Up Token north of Greasy Grove
  • Collect Level Up Token west of Chonker’s Speedway
  • Collect Level Up Token northwest of Condo Canyon
  •  Level Up Token northwest of Sanctuary

A Golden Style for Shattered Wings – Week 3

Collecting golden-styled shattered wings will be available after the 3rd week, which will be starting from March 3rd. After March 3rd players will have to visit these 7 places on the map and collect the tokens to unlock the shattered wings- Golden style.

  • Collect Level Up Token at Sunburned Shacks
  • Collect Level Up Token northeast of Sleepy Sound
  •  Level Up Token at Camp Cuddle
  • Level Up Token at Turbine
  • Collect Level Up Token east of Tilted Towers
  • Collect Level Up Token at Chonker’s Speedway
  • Level Up Token at Tow-away Beach

Golden style for Monarch skin – Week 4 :

Final week for collecting the Monarch pack limited cosmetics. Players will be able to collect the tokens from March 10th, from the below-mentioned locations on the Fortnite map.

  • Collect Level Up Token at The Temple
  • Collect Level Up Token at Fisher’s Paradise
  •  Level Up Token at Tilted Towers
  • Level Up Token at Haven’s Oasis
  • Collect Level Up Token Condo Canyon
  • Collect Level Up Token south of Sanctuary
  •  Level Up Token at The Ruins.

By collecting 28 tokens at such distinct locations on the Fortnite map, players will unlock all the Monarch skin pack cosmetics.

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