Genshin Impact Ayato 2.6 Banner LEAKED!

Genshin Impact Ayato 2.6 Banner LEAKED!: Have you heard about this new Ayato 2.6 Banner LEAKED!, Yes the banner of Ayato 2.6 and other important details has been leaked and today we are going to talk about them. First Let me give you a quick overview of this and then we will talk about the features. Before proceeding please note that all this information is prediction/Leaks provided by many sources around the web so it does not represent the final product.

It’s supposed it will be ayato and Yeomir for the first half of the update then for the second it’s likely venti and Kazahar. Ayato and Yeomir are definitely going to come as they are in the main game quet. Ayato 2.6 Banner LEAKED! does contain both an inazuma festival as well as mondstandt festival. It is also suspected that the inazuma festival will come in the first half and the mondstand will come in the second half.

New enemies will be introduced and an important one of them is Ruin serpents. It is the snake-like variations of ruin Machines. Many mini-games will be introduced as well and also some fun stuff like them.They could be pretty interesting to fight with. Finally, the Chasm will be released. It could include a dedro character like Yao YAO. She could be the free character we will be getting.


Ayato is the main character of the series, and he is seen as a very violent and cold person. He is also very short-tempered, especially when it comes to women. This leads him to be extremely rude and insulting towards them, which often gets him into trouble with his friends. Despite this personality, Ayato has a strong sense of justice and will do anything in order to protect his friends or those who are important to him. This information is provided due to leaks about Ayato 2.6 Banner LEAKED!.

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Ayato Skills

Ayato’s e has a hydro infusion and increases his attack range and AOE.
Ayato’s Q Creates an area that does dmg, All the members standing within the area will have ATK speed increased. Although these things are not yet confirmed. We may have extra details missed out so wait till the new beta update.

  • Ayto may not able to use normal attacks.
    You should farm the Heart of Depth Set for your benefit.
  • Normal attack Artifact, The faster you Auto Attack, the greater the damage boost.
    The Yonia specific set will also benefit.
    Hence there is high chance of yoimiya rerun.
  • Hp Artifact is similar to which uncle l posted,It is made indeed for Xiao.
    Yelan is not hydro
    Ayato is main DPS.
Genshin Impact Ayato 2.6 Banner LEAKED
Genshin Impact Ayato 2.6 Banner LEAKED


One of the most popular characters in the entire series, Yeomir is a member of Team Genshin and one of Genshin’s main henchmen. He and his partner, Eun-Soo, have been with Genshin since the beginning. Together they form one of the greatest tag-teams in all of Impact Wrestling.

More Details About Genshin Impact Charcters in Ayato 2.6 Banner Leaked!

The genshin impact characters are a big part of the series, and they have been used since the first one was released. The combination of them give us information, hints and sometimes even some foreshadowing. They could be seen as just plain text, but when you think about them a little more deeply, they can tell you what to expect in the future and maybe even help you figure out what is going on right now.

Some details about 2.7 will have chasm and will feature zhongli and Yelan in the story line.No information if its end of Liyue story line or not. Yelan will be on the banner of 2.7. Shikanoin Heizou or kuki shinobu is a dendro character meand we will be getting it for free.

Thanks for reading article if you have any doubts related to Ayato 2.6 Banner LEAKED! and if you have more doubts related to Ayato 2.6 Banner LEAKED! you can ask them in the comments.

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