Is Free Fire going to Ban in India 2022: Is That True?

Is Free Fire going to Ban in India 2022: Free Fire, A popular name in our gaming community nowadays. Free Fire allows the players who have low-end devices but still can enjoy the game properly. This makes the game a massive hit. That’s why Free Fire is a well-known name in the Mobile Gaming community.

But from yesterday, many Free Fire players have been reported that their game is crashing on the login page. After some research, we have found that this problem only exists with Airtel Sim users. Yes, that is right! Only Airtel Sim users facing the Airtel Sim Network Connection Issue in Free Fire.

After that people are thinking & even some rumours are there that Free Fire is going to be banned in India 2022. Is that correct? Is Free Fire facing the same consequences that PUBG Mobile, Mobile Legend & all other apps have faced in 2019? Well, let us discuss some detailed information in this article regarding the topic- Is Free Fire going to Ban in India 2022?


Is Free Fire going to Ban in India 2022: What is Happening Nowadays?

Free Fire is currently one of the fan favourite games in India. There is a huge fan base in India for Free Fire. The game gained so much popularity that in the 2020 pandemic situation, Free Fire was voted as the “most fan favourite game” in Play Store. To maintain this fan base, developers always provide several updates to the game to maintain its gameplay & new skins, characters & events. They provide free items at festive events.

Yesterday, many airtel users reported that login with mobile data in Free Fire is not working with their device. Neither Jio & Vi users don’t get such an issue nor the Wifi users. Even Airtel fibre users also getting that issue. So it is very frustrating if you rely on mobile data to play games like Free Fire.

But after that, many people have started a rumour in India that it might be that Free Fire is going to Ban in India in 2022. Several social media posts have been noticed on the internet. Some think these are rumours, some think it may be true. But we don’t know about what is truth & what is the rumour.

But let us see here is there any chance of banning Free Fire in India 2022? Let us proceed-

Airtel Network Issue on Free Fire: Is the Ban Knocking Door?

Yesterday many people fear out of the Airtel Network Issue. Every other network player can play Free Fire without any issue. So its look like only the Airtel Sim network connection issue in Free Fire. Airtel is the main reason behind this if the game is running with other networks.

It seems Airtel is working on any server issues or fixes, but before that, they should be aware people about this. People are getting panicked by this situation. At least people will be aware of that & would not panic in this situation.

Airtel Sim Network Connection Issue in Free Fire
Free Fire going to Ban in India 2022

Some rumour says that It could be the Indian government who is hiding behind the situation. Indian govt. previously banned many games & apps as those effects national data privacy. But keep in mind that Indian govt. will give some notice first before any banning. & the Free Fireworks in another network. So looks like that is not like a ban or something, it is a network issue of Airtel Sim.

So, there are very few chances that Free Fire is going to ban in India in 2022 soon. If the Indian govt wish to ban the game they have to give proper notice & reasons to ban the game.

That’s all about the Free Fire ban situation in India. So here is the answer to the question-

Is Free Fire going to Ban in India 2022? The answer is No, Probably not right now.

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