How to Get Free battle stars in fortnite ! 2022 Working Trick

Get Free battle stars in fortnite” Each Fortnite season has a distinct feature that distinguishes it from the others. Though new in-game systems and events are significant, the Battle Pass is undoubtedly the most crucial factor in establishing a season’s identity. The overarching concept of a Battle Pass’s skins helps players to distinguish a season simply by glancing at cosmetics, and unlocking all of the skins can be a key goal for many Fortnite fans throughout the season.

The rewards would unlock automatically as players leveled up until Fortnite’s Chapter two, season seven. However, beginning with the seventh season of Chapter Two, players will be able to acquire the rewards that they truly desire. If you want to unlock all of the Battle Pass benefits, you’ll need to collect as many Battle Stars as possible. Battle Stars are a new in-game currency that can be used to unlock Battle Pass items. Here’s how to get the most Battle Stars in Fortnite in the quickest amount of time.

Matches should be used to gain as much XP as possible

You’ll need to level up your character to obtain Battle Stars. From a technical standpoint, this implies that simply playing Fortnite is the best free way to earn Battle Stars. To maximize your XP gain, you’ll want to use all of the strategies in the book, and that starts with some little details.

How to Get Free battle stars in fortnite
How to Get Free battle stars in fortnite

The amount of XP you earn depends on your placement, overall survival time, and the number of kills you achieve in a match. You should strive to come up with a strategy that will yield the maximum XP in the long term, depending on your play style. While these sums may appear insignificant, they add up over time.

  • Kills: 50 XP for the first kill in the game, 20 XP for each subsequent kill (capping at seven kills.)
  • After the first minute of a match, you gain 17 XP per minute until you reach 14 minutes.
  • Top 20 get 25 XP, top 10 get 100 XP, and a Victory Royale gets 300 XP.

You may easily maximize your XP gain by just surviving until the game’s latter stages if you keep these statistics in mind. Surviving will guarantee you a higher placement, and your survival rating will increase your XP gain. While surviving, you’ll need to conduct a lot of looting, and unlocking chests/ammo boxes will reward you with XP. Though some players choose to shatter chests rather than open them to collect mats, this isn’t the best approach to get the maximum XP from a match.

Don’t skip on your challenges

The majority of the tasks do not necessitate any extra actions on the part of the players. You’ll be able to complete most of the objectives without even focusing on them once a season begins. However, there will still be some that require you to do specified duties.

While these tasks appear to be time-consuming at first glance, you may cut down on the amount of time it takes to finish them by planning ahead of time. Check for YouTube guides for the quest you’re working on so you always know where to go and what to do while you’re in a match.

To avoid missing out on all of the XP, you’ll need to finish all of your weekly tasks before the season ends, but you’ll be able to stack your dailies. As a result, your account will be Supercharged, and you will be able to gain XP for your expired daily quests by completing fresh ones.

Collect XP coins

With a few exceptions, Epic Games begins scattering XP coins over the Fortnite map in the seventh week of each season. These coins can also present their obstacles, making collecting them a worthwhile experience.

Once these coins begin to appear on the map, you should be able to locate a few instructions online to assist you in locating them. It may take two or three matches to collect all of these coins, but they’re a great way to gain experience points.

Purchase levels

Although it may appear to be cheating, purchasing all of the levels is the quickest way to unlock them without having to grind. If you buy all of the tiers at the start of a season, you’ll get all of the cosmetics before the majority of the player population and save a lot of time.

Play with friends

While joining a party will not improve your XP, it will be necessary to fulfill some of the squad-related missions. Before you start cleaning your quest log, inviting a friend or two is a good idea because you’ll be able to communicate better, helping you to complete your objectives faster.

If one of your teammates has a task that requires them to open ammo boxes, the rest of the squad can assist them. You’ll be in the same boat, and you’ll all be able to help each other finish as many tasks as possible in a single match.

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