How to Get Glory in Brawlhalla

How to Get Glory in Brawlhalla: Glory is an in-game currency that was established in Brawlhalla with the sole purpose of rewarding players for their time spent in the game. While also putting in extra effort for others who don’t put in as many hours per season. It’s a type of cash that players can use to buy some very fantastic colors, taunts, UI themes, weapon skins, and other cosmetics in Mallhalla.

At the end of each rated season, you will be awarded glory based on your previous season’s performance. You must have played at least 10 games in the previous season to receive any Glory, or you will not receive any of Brawlhalla’s complimentary cosmetics. If you’re wondering how you can acquire as much Glory as possible once the Ranked season is over, Brawlhalla assesses your performance and awards Glory based on those stats in two ways.

How to Earn Glory?

Glory is earned in Brawlhalla based on a player’s success in previous ranked seasons in 1v1, 2v2, team matches, or their Legend rating/Elo and wins. Brawlhalla evaluates the amount of work and wins each player received during the previous season at the end of each season. Players are rewarded with Glory, which can be used to purchase cosmetic goods from Mallhalla, Brawlhalla’s in-game store.

When determining Glory, Brawlhalla employs Elo as the primary stat. Elo is higher in players that spend more time grinding throughout the rated season. In other words, they gain greater glory. Second, players receive 20 Glory for each win during the rated season. When players reach 150 victories, the quantity of Glory received based on wins decreases.

How to Get Glory in Brawlhalla
How to Get Glory in Brawlhalla

Keep in mind that to begin earning Glory based on your ratings, you must play at least ten matches in a rated season.

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How to Determine the New Season’s Glory?

The official website of Brawlhalla now has a new season Elo and Glory calculator that players may use to figure out how many glories they’ll receive at the end of a ranked season.

Here’s how to figure up how much the new season Glory in Brawlhalla will cost you.

  • To use the Brawlhalla Glory calculator, go to the website.
  • Enter your best rating and the total number of wins you have in the ranking season.
  • Finally, select the radio button to confirm that you have completed at least 10 ranking games.
  • When you click Calculate, the amount of Glory you will receive at the end of the season will be displayed.

Is Glory Even Valuable?

Definitely. It’s a simple technique to earn free skins without doing anything extra. You’re forced to do exactly what you’d want to do anyway: win in ranked.

If you’ve reached Diamond and played for over 1500-2000 hours per game. You may already have everything in Mallhalla that can be purchased with Glory points. There will come a moment when your Glory points will simply rot in your account. But, in the meantime, keep grinding for those free skins!

What is Peak ELO?

The first statistic taken into account is your season’s peak ELO. This one was quite self-evident. Higher ELO players get more Glory based on the amount of time they spend grinding the Ranked season and ascending the ladder. Here’s a chart from the good people at Brawlhalla Wiki showing how your Glory is determined based on your ELO.

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