Pokémon Go Global Challenge: Complete Detailed Guide

Pokémon Go Global Challenge: Pokémon is mainly a game of casual category by Play store, but the Pokémon fans know that it is a role-playing game in a virtual world. There are tons of features in the game that you can play. The main thing of the game is to catch the Pokémon with Poke balls. That’s why the tagline of the game is- “Gonna Catch’em all”.

But what is Pokémon Go Global Challenge then? What to do about that?

Let us discuss that in this article. Read Carefully the details we have shared here with you. Let us gather some information about the Pokémon Go Global Challenge.

Pokémon Go Global Challenge

Pokémon Go is an AR game that is based on the Pokémon show that people loved so much. It required a GPS connection & an active Internet connection to play. It is launched on 2016 July 6 by Niantic – The Pokémon Company, Nintendo. People appreciated a lot in the launch time.

But after the pandemic hits in 2020, it affects a lot to the players as well as the whole community. Even the game developers suffer this. But Niantic introduced Global Challenges then to make the game more interesting.

Pokémon Go Global Challenge

Pokémon Go Global Challenge is currently live in the Pokémon Go game. But before knowing the details about this event, let us see some details about the other event details as well. Because those events are very connected to each other.

Well, it’s the month of Valentine, so Pokémon Go also introduced Love Event in Pokémon Go. It is life from 9th Feb 2022 8 pm GST to 15th Feb 2022 8 am GST. In this event, some special Pokémon’s going to appear in the wild, like Chansey, Luvdisc, Woobat, etc. There are also rare spawns like Audino & Miltank in the wild.

The Pokémon Go Global Challenge is also related to this.

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Pokémon Go Global Challenge: What is That?

Pokémon Go Global Challenge is that players need to send gifts to others to complete the challenge. It is not any personal challenge it is for all. Of course, it is a time-limited challenge. There is also a tracker that you can track the progress of the challenge.

For more precise details, follow Pokémon Go official Twitter for the daily progress details. Also, you can find the track details in the game itself. Just go to the “Research” button, then switch to the “Today” tab. There you can see your friend’s scores & what is your score also.

What are the Benefits of The Challenge? What will be the Bonus?

After the Pokémon Go Global Challenge will over, players will get a bonus. That will be transferring candies will be 3 times more than original. If you transfer a Pokémon you will get 1 candy, then with this bonus, you will get 3 candies by transferring them.

Seems like not a good bonus, though it will help people who transfer Legendary Pokémon’s a lot. Because it is hard to get Legendary candy in the game. You should raid or walk 20 km as a buddy to get 1 candy. Besides the challenge is not hard to complete as well.


So these are the details about the Pokémon Go Global Challenge in this current event of Love Season. Please stay active to complete the mission together. Thank you & keep an eye on our website for more upcoming events & updates on Pokémon Go.

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