Is the Tac Shotgun Back in Fortnite Chapter 3

Is the Tac Shotgun Back in Fortnite: The much-rumored and discussed topic in the Fortnite community is Tac shotgun. There have been many rumors about the return of tac shotgun in Fortnite. Are they true? Is the tac shotgun really back in Fortnite. If you are excited about the return of the tac shotgun and are confused about finding a reliable source for all the recent updates for Fortnite, you are at the right place. We at have put together this article, with all the reliable information circling around the internet about the possible return of Tac shotgun.

Tac shotgun in Fortnite :

Tac shotgun in Fortnite has gone through quite a lot in the game. The weapon was toss into the vault and buff and nerf. But things started to change, but not for the best part – the tac shotgun went through a lot of changes, before ending up in the vault again, for the rest of Chapter 2.

But things are finally changing and we are officially into the new season and chapter of Fortnite. The brand new chapter 3 has been bringing a lot of fan favorites back.

Is the Tac Shotgun Back in Fortnite Chapter 3

About Tac Shotgun :

Tac shotgun is boosting with a very recent update, with the patch update 15.0. Noticeable changes are made for the weapon. Tac Shotgun has increased damage – 72/76/80/84/88, almost on par with the heavy shotgun.

But the shotgun was again valuing and banish. But make room for two other varieties of shotgun. Primal and Makeshift shotguns. Current Shotgun almost acts as the substitute for Tac shotgun. But fans have shared their unfiltered opinions and they are on the negative side of things. There are complaints about the auto gun being less powerful and feeling very nerfed version of the tac shotgun as well and the shots are not very powerful.

Is Tac Shotgun back :

Yes, the much anticipated and fan-favorite weapon is officially back in the game. Epic Games always pay attention to their fans and has officially bought back the Tac shotgun in the game. In a week or two, there should be weekly challenges that will involve the usage of Tac shotgun in the game.

Tac Shotgun is now available in the weapon section of Fortnite.

Epic Games has always paid attention to fan requests. In the brand new Chapter 3, Fortnite has brought back many fan favorites of the game and made them a very crucial part of the game’s story. Tilte Towers is one among many fan favorites that were brought into the game.

The future in terms of new developments seems very bright and exciting for Fortnite and its fans.

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