Genshin Impact Web Event with Yae Miko ! Free Protogems and Ascension Materials

Genshin Impact Web Event with Yae Miko: The new event is coming on the way in the Genshin Impact game. Fans are excited about this and have been searching for it for more precise information about the web event. This event has so many rewards to get and many more things are there. Genshin Impact had made a lot of audience and millions of downloads.

The game is stepping in esports with the wide steps due to its concept and great gaming skills. Yae Miko will appear at the event. We will tell you all the information about the Genshin Impact Web Event here and lead to solving all your queries in it. We will tell you the rewards available in it, features, and the link to the video for clear thought.

Genshin Impact Web Event

Genshin Impact is based on the appearance of the Yae Miko. The miHOYO made the special event that truly takes a lead on the more important and mundane aspects of life which seems interesting. The game Genshin Impact Kitsune’s Stroll Around Hanamizaka web event rewards players with the Mora, Primogems, and various upgraded and latest materials. The gamers will get the exclusive Yae Miko’s wallpaper just by completing this Genshin Impact web event which will be helpful for you in a real sense.

Genshin Impact Web Event with Yae Miko

Where to get the game?

If you don’t play the game but want to attend the web event then we will tell you how to do so. This game is available on the PS 4 and 5, PC, IOS, and Android Devices. You can download it and enjoy it. The Nintendo version will be soon made available by the developers. The new update is also coming for the players which will launch on 16th February and it will be a 2.5 update. The Yae Miko is available for a limited period of time and Disappear before the new update so grab it as soon as possible for a greater experience. You are reading the Genshin Impact Web Event article.

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The rewards for the web event are good and worth getting. This event had a main impact on Yae Miko as she will walk through the Inazuma. The Players will get a chance to stop by the various stalls and interact with the characters of Yae Miko’s stroll. Upon approaching a stall or character, players will have several options to select from when players select any of the options, they will receive their reward in the game.

But in order to get the Primal Gem reward, players must share their responses on social media. This will grant users the reward of 20 Primogems and the one Vajrada Amethyst Fragment. They also share their response to this. But the players can only receive up to 40 Primo Gems and two Vajrada Amethyst Fragments.

After the completion of the Genshin Impact event, players will then be required to refresh the page so that they will receive the Yae Miko wallpaper.

Youtube Link

The link for the Genshin Impact Web event is here, you can get all the required information about the event here in this video without any trouble.

This is a link and you can refer to this for the Genshin Impact Web Event.

This article contains all the information and solutions which you want, leads to the full solution to your all queries in an easy and simple way. This is useful for you. The event is gonna be a big event which will be an immense great experience for all the players. You had told you all about it with the video link so read it and get to know about the Genshin Impact Event.

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