Fortnite Week 10 Chapter 3 Challenges

Fortnite Week 10 Chapter 3 Challenges: Fortnite Chapter 3 is still going strong, with Epic Games constantly updating and tweaking the battle royale. Changes to weapons, such as the unvaulting of old weapons. And new map locations have kept the game fresh and enjoyable for both new and seasoned players. Naturally, the new season includes a brand-new battle pass with exclusive gifts to be unlocked as you proceed through the stages. Completing the weekly challenge list. Which unlocks significant XP awards, is still the easiest way to clear levels on the battle pass.

Week 10 challenges in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1: Fortnite challenges are released weekly in the game to allow players to earn additional XP. Fortnite will add new challenges every week, and players may complete them in any order they want. Daily quests, weekly quests, and character missions will be given to players to accomplish. In Fortnite Season Chapter 3 Season 1 Challenge, more types of challenges have been introduced as well. In this article, we’ll go over the new week 10 challenges in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1 and also how players may complete them.

Fortnite Week 10 Chapter 3 Challenges

Week 9 challenges are still available to complete, but many Fortnite gamers are already looking forward to the chores for the following week. In Fortnite, the Chapter 3 Week 10 tasks have been released, and also players will be scrambling to unlock the free XP prizes. It’s a game that’s taken the world by storm, propelling streamers to new heights and providing normal gamers with some acute hits, and it’s a game that’s managed to stay fresh no matter how many hours it’s been played.

Challenges are always a good method to get additional XP in the game. Although they are not required to be finished, they can provide players with free XP and thus other benefits. These Challenges are normally simple to perform, however, some players may find them challenging at times. To obtain XP and advance to the next challenge, players only need to visit locations or NPCs.

When the quests in Fortnite are always fascinating, and Epic Games has been releasing a lot of new content for Battle Royale fans. Here are all of the challenges in Fortnite Chapter three, Season one’s 8th week that can be completed quickly in the game by completing certain simple chores.

Fortnite Week 10 Chapter 3 Challenges
Fortnite Week 10 Chapter 3 Challenges

Week 10’s challenge list includes nine separate assignments, each of which grants 25,000 XP toward the battle pass. When the whole list of challenges, as well as the prerequisites for completing each, may be seen below.

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Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1 Week 10 challenges:

  • With a Clinger (0/100), you can inflict damage on your opponents.
  • In a car, get 3 seconds of airtime (0/1).
  • Construct structures (0/20)
  • Bandages (0/10) should be used.
  • Obtain a firearm while fishing (0/1)
  • In a single match, use different ziplines (0/3)
  • At Sleepy Sound or Tilted Towers (0/5) destroy mailboxes.
  • Ammo boxes to search (0/15)
  • Eliminate enemies with handguns (0/2)

When these tasks will not expire until the end of the season, and new challenges will be added to the list. Every week on Thursday at 2 p.m. GMT, new challenges will be released.

When achieved, these challenges award a lot of XP, and they range from dealing explosive damage with specialized weapons to finding pizza party stuff. To fulfill the Week 10 task list, players must accomplish nine seasonal challenges, each of which grants 25,000 XP for the battle pass.

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