Destroy Hiding Places Location Fortnite Chapter 3


Destroy Hiding Places Location Fortnite Chapter 3: Here we are going to discuss how to find and destroy hiding places Location in Fortnite. So to know where are these hiding places do read the article.

Fortnite has offered a number of ways to shelter from the adversary over time. Items like the “Bush,” haystacks, as well as porta-potties were among them. Things continue to be the same in Chapter 3.

Fortnite Third season Chapter 1 is now in its ninth week, with new weekly missions, plot beats, item shop additions, and more. The latest season has been active, with unexpected collaborations like the Vi by Arcane in the equipment shop and the Tones and I performance.

For Winterfest 2021, the Sneaky Snowman has been reintroduced, along with a new form of vegetation known as “Stealth Grass.” This gives players plenty of possibilities to conceal.

Whenever it comes to hiding from the enemy, though, nothing beats plunging into garbage. Unfortunately, the developer is redesigning the island right now and will have to demolish a few hiding spots. Loopers who elect to participate in the project will earn 25,000 exp in exchange for their assistance.

In Fortnite, how Can You Get Rid of Hiding Places?

Destroy Hiding Places Location Fortnite Chapter 3
Destroy Hiding Places Location Fortnite Chapter 3

It will be simple to destroy hiding locations. While accomplishing the assignment, players must keep an eye out for their opponents. The following are the steps to completing this challenge:

Arrive at POIs just on the map with real-world structures and streets. In the early stages of the game, gather basic necessities and secure the region. Look for trash plus porta-potties to destroy once there are no more adversaries. To finish the quest, repeat as necessary.

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In Fortnite, where can you go to hide?

Although hiding spots can be found all over the Chapter 3 landscape, certain sections have significantly more than others. Some of these spots are all in high-risk drop zones, while others are more serene and safe. Here’s where you can find them:

  1. Greasy Grove
  2. Coney Crossroads
  3. Sleepy Sound

These aren’t exactly safe zones, but they do see a lot of foot movement throughout most games. While accomplishing this assignment at Tilted Towers is straightforward, staying alive long enough is a challenge.

Players can even construct a loot route from Sleepy Sound towards Coney Crossroads to achieve this mission quickly. They will be able to cover two sites with hiding places as a result of this.

How to Use Hide Places in Fortnite?

Although hiding under dumpsters and porta-potties appears to be a viable option, it rarely works out. There are numerous disadvantages to utilizing them and almost no benefits.

For example, if a player has been pursued and hides inside them, their opponent will be aware that someone is there. They’ll either burn down the hiding location or set fire to it. On the other hand, if a player is hiding in order to surprise an opponent, the odds of someone passing by are slim.

Although hiding in them is entertaining, their usefulness in Fortnite Chapter 3 is somewhat dubious. While this tactic may result in a lot of laughs, don’t anticipate it to boost your chances of winning a match.

So this was all you need to know about destroy hiding places’ locations in Fortnite, how to find them. Where to find them and how to destroy them. Hope you enjoyed reading the article.

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