About Team Celsius Esports: Underdogs getting Stronger

Team Celsius Esports: BGMI is currently a new trend among mobile players in the Indian gaming community. After the PUBG ban in India, Krafton decided to take care of our beloved game with a rename. Currently, BGMI is available for both the platform Android & iOS after the PUBG Ban.

But some players play this game professionally which inspires other players to make their carrier with gaming. There is now several tournaments & championship to show your inner talent. But you always need skills to show your talent in the competition. That’s why every player needs to be a pro thus they can show their skills & maybe make your carrier in gaming.

One of the Underdog teams that have proved themselves is Celsius Esports. It is the team that was among 24 teams that competed in Battlegrounds Mobile India at the Red Bull M.E.O. Season 4 India Finals. Here in this article, we are going to discuss some points & details about Team Celsius Esports.

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Celsius Team Esports: Details with Some Information

BGMI is released in July 2021 in India after the pre-registration period. This game is published & developed by Krafton itself. It is one of the top-grossing games currently in Android PlayStore. Surely this game is only listed on the Indian server.

Team Celsius is a well-known team among youngsters. People follow them & get inspiration from them. The headquarters of Team Celsius is Celsius esports Bootcamp in Kolkata, West Bengal, India.


Team Celsius Esports Lineup for Tournaments:-

Team Celsius is a well-known Esports team in the Indian Esports community of Mobile gaming. Currently, the team is participating in the Skylightz gaming Esport tournament. They have a very strong lineup which had been formed 2 years ago. The synergy between the players is incredible.

The lineup of Team Celsius is –

  1. Yushar Jain aka ‘CelsiusDreamS’ (role is the IGL of the team),
  2. Deepanshu Yadav aka ‘CelsiusWIXXKY’ (role is the front line assaulter of the team),
  3. Karthik Yadav aka ‘CelsiusKARTHIK’ (role is the support of the team) &
  4. Nishant Singh Laspal aka ‘CelsiusAPOLLO’ (role is the entry fragger of the team).

What is the meaning of ‘Celsius’? Their Explanation.

They call themselves Celsius, but you may wonder why? There is always a reason behind the name of the team. Here it is that- They named themselves ‘Celsius’ for the burning fire that keeps the players motivated to overcome any situation. The fire charges themselves in the competition.

Overall, it is a very well-known team in the BGMI gaming community. In recent times Team Celsius going great in Skylightz Esports Tournament. That is why we have discussed some unknown facts about Team Celsius in this article. That is all for this article about Team Celsius. For more upcoming articles & updates follow our website.

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