How To Get Hearts Desire Wrap: Full Guide

How To Get Hearts Desire Wrap: The good news for the Fortnite players is that you will all get the free Cosmetic that is Heart Desire Wrap for the outrage difficulties that occurred recently in the game. Fortnite is of the most popular games in the eSports section. This game had a lot of downloads and had made a large audience for them. The game had different concepts sept which make it good to play and enjoy a great experience.

It had a good interface, better playing and the graphics were so good. The game is too big due to which the game is having problems sometimes which makes the gaming experience worse for the gamers. This time too Fortnite had some issues and as compensation for the same, the developers had given the free cosmetic of Heart Desire Wrap.

This is the article on the How To Get Hearts Desire Wrap. If you don’t know about it or want to know more about it then you have come to the right place for all the information. Let’s know about it.

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How To Get Hearts Desire Wrap

The gift as compensation is here that is a beautiful cosmetic which is Hearts Desire Wrap. At the launch of the game, there were a large number of people who had logged in at the time originally Fortnite began, then there were a lot of significant server problems or difficulties.

How To Get Hearts Desire Wrap
How To Get Hearts Desire Wrap

The Fortnite game servers were very slow and down for about fifteen hours at a single phase point, this is the largest period of downtime server which was outside of scheduled maintenance. This is the major problem occurring in the game faced by the gamers and due to that, you are receiving the Heart’s Desire Wrap Cosmetic.

How to Get?

Epic Game developers had the official Fortnite Status account stating that they are aware of a few outages in the past few weeks. Gamers will get the gift of the Heart’s Desire Wrap for free as compensation for the difficulty faced by the players. The condition for this is Players must have logged into the Fortnite game between January 27th and February 3rd, 2022 to receive the wrap.

How To Get Hearts Desire Wrap
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If you have not received the wrap yet, then the reason for the same is that you haven’t played the Fortnite game during this time. For anyone curious about the aesthetic of the free Fortnite Heart’s Desire Wrap. The developers are also saying that they will release more rewards or gifts for the same issues faced by the gamers and ruin their gaming joy.

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The link is here, see it and understand the whole thing. You are reading the How To Get Hearts Desire Wrap article.

This is the whole of the How To Get Hearts Desire Wrap article. We have given you all the things which will help you to get the free Hearts Desire Wrap. It will lead to solving all your queries regarding the game. We had told you the reason for the outrage, how to get the compensation and all. Just read and follow the same for it.

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