Destroy IO Equipment to Collect Electronic Parts Location

Destroy IO Equipment to Collect Electronic Parts Location: In the game FORTNITE, we all desperately have a desire to rank up our battle pass. Now it is not that easy to rank up your Battle Pass you have to compete in so many of daily challenges, missions, and quests to earn XP which helps us rank up our Battle Pass. In today’s article, we will be discussing bout such a mission to gain XP. The quest is to Destroy the IQ Equipment and collect Electronic Parts. By doing so you will gain XP from which you can rank up your Battle Pass.

These quests, missions, and challenges are the best way to level up your Battle Pass as there are so many of them to do. So, you can do the quest which you think you can do and succeed in it. So, we recommend you to do as many as such quests or missions to level up your Battle Pass and grow in the game.

 Destroy IO Equipment to Collect Electronic Parts Location
Destroy IO Equipment to Collect Electronic Parts Location

What Is the Quest of Destroying Iq Equipment and Collecting Electronic Parts Location

So, as we mentioned above missions help you level up your Battle Pass this is such one type of mission. In this quest, you basically have to collect electronic parts which are available at only four locations. We will mention the locations further in the article. Now it can’t be so easy that just go and collect electronic parts. You’ll have to fight and destroy the IQ Guards and after that only you can collect the electronic parts. We will also show you locations where electronic parts are available. Also the best way you can complete the quest easily and very much smoothly. Once you completed the quest you’ll be able to gain XP and level up your Battle Pass and we all know how much this Battle Pass is important for the players to grow up.

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Locations of Electronic Parts

As we said that there are four locations where you can find the electronic parts. We will now discuss these four locations briefly and also guide you to reach the locations in a minimal time and have a high chance of completing the mission as soon as possible. So the four locations where you can get electronic parts and gain CP in Fortnite are given below

Southwest Greasy Grove Near the river.
Close to the valley, near Logjam Lumberyard

Mole Team Location

Now here are the four locations where you can find IO equipment and collect electronic c parts. There are high chances of IO Equipment being present at all four locations. So you just need to first grab the best weapon possible go to any one of the locations mentioned above. There are also a few small but very important things which you must remember, We will cover the topic further in the article.

How to Do This Mission Easily and Smoothly

Now we have given you the locations where you will find IO Equipment. So now there are just a few steps that you’ll need to follow in order to complete the quest and level up your Battle Pass.

Make sure you land as much close as to any one location of the mentioned above four.

Don’t directly land on that location first look for a weapon nearby.
Once you got the weapon you are all set to attack IO Guards.

  • Kill IO Guards to collect Electronic Parts
  • After that just collect electronic parts and you are all done

Things to Keep in Mind While Doing the Mission

First of all, as we said you don’t have to jump directly at the location. If you do you’ll just waste your time and going there Unarmed is nothing but suicide. Also, make sure that you have enough supplies and other things which help you in healing while fighting the IO Guards. Try to take a good gun or a gun that suits this type of hazardous mission.
Also once you collected electronic Parts you can end the match there itself but if you complete the game you could get more XP and level up your Battle Pass.

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