Viru and Gill Joined GODL ! left Team Xspark

Viru and Gill joined GODL left Team Xspark: BGMI is currently a new trend among mobile players in the Indian gaming community. After the PUBG ban in India, Krafton decided to take care of our beloved game with a rename. Currently, BGMI is available for both the platform Android & iOS.

But some players play this game professionally which inspires other players to make their carrier with gaming. There is now several tournaments & championship to show your inner talent. But you always need skills to show your talent. That’s why every player needs to be a pro thus they can show their skills & maybe make your carrier in gaming.

There are a lot of teams in the Esports community now in BGMI. One of them is Spark. Spark is an Esports team that has recently been formed up before BGIS. There were 4 main players which were – ScoutOp, Mavi, Gill & Ultron. Were! Because there are some changes have been done 2 days ago. Gill left the team Xspark along with Viru, who was recently tied up to Soul in T1 scrims.

Players may be wonder, why? Why do these changes? The changes in the teams are common but why so early for Team Xspark? Let us discuss some points that we have got from the sources. Let us see the details in this article-

Viru and Gill Joined GODL
Viru and Gill Joined GODL

Viru and Gill joined GODL left Team Xspark: Things That Were Hidden


BGMI is released in July 2021 in India after the preregistration period. This game is published & developed by Krafton itself. It is one of the top-grossing games currently in the Play Store. Surely this game is only listed on the Indian server. Indian players see this game as a professional choice nowadays.

To make this an example, some well-known teams have achieved some national-level titles as well as global titles. One of those teams is GODL, Xspark, etc. But why only these teams now we are talking about? Because recently we have seen some controversies around the mobile gaming community. Let us see what is happening.

From the news sources, we have known that Viru (who was joined Xspark after the BGIS tournament) and Gill (who was also joined Xspark before the BGIS tournament) both recently left Team Xspark 2 days ago. They have joined team GODL, which is one of the top dominating teams among young players’ hearts.

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Viru Came To The Live Stream

Viru has shared some serious issues in the live stream that why he & Gill left the team Xspark & joined GODL. He told that after he has joined team Xspark, he did not get any respect from his teammates. He has been treated like he always faces issues, but in reality, it is not like that. Even he has got the device to play from the team, the team has disagreed to give him salaries for 3 months forward.

Viru also added that it was Gill who discussed the issues with the officials, but there is merely any response from their side. After a while, Gill first decided to leave Team Xspark. After that, Viru feels like he also needs to leave the Team. Talking to the Ghatak (Present Coach of Team GODL lineup) they have decided to join Team GODL. Viru also cleared that they willingly joined the team, with no manipulation from Team GODL.

Disclaimer: Above all situations, we have mentioned it is the information that we have got from social media. We do not spread any hate to the player, to any team & any organization in the mobile gaming community. Here we are just informing the news. We are completely neutral to support the teams.

So, these are the reason behind Viru and Gill joined GODL & left Team Xspark. Hope all of you have cleared the concept.

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