How to Unlock the Queen of Hearts Skin in Fortnite

Unlock the Queen of Hearts Skin in Fortnite; QUEEN OF HEARTS is a new skin in the game FORTNITE. The skin is released. You don’t need to wait for a period of time to buy it as it has been released already by the developers.
So, if you have followed our previous article on the QUEEN OF HEART SKIN. Then you must be having a little knowledge about the QUEEN OF HEARTS skin. And also our opinion about the skin.
Now in today’s article, we will be sharing two ways with you from which you can gain the skin in the game and use it while playing. Before we jump into the article there is also a little information that you must need to know before buying the QUEEN OF THE HEARTS skin.

Before You Buy the Queen of Hearts Skin

There are a few things that you need to know before spending your V-Bucks or investing your time in buying the skin. Now, we have mentioned in our previous article that the Skin is good but not that great. If we were to recommend you then sadly but we won’t recommend you buy the QUEEN OF HEARTS skin. The skin is also not very much popular. Due to this, it won’t even help you even in making your profile look attractive.

Queen of Hearts Skin in Fortnite
Unlock the Queen of Hearts Skin in Fortnite

Only a few people like the skin which makes it classy skin. If you want to buy the skin for your gaming channel to make it grow then it won’t help you at all. Because only a few players like the skin so you won’t get the audience.
The skin is also very much costly instead of spending your V-Bucks on a single skin you can save them and buy another thing.
The skin is also not that bad that you can’t buy it. You can obviously buy the skin but only if you have enough V-Bucks or free time to invest in the skin.

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Ways to Buy the Queen of Hearts Skin


We will discuss two ways to buy the QUEEN OF HEARTS skin in the game. In one way you will have to spend some V-Bucks. Whereas in the second way you can get the skin for free. So, let us discuss the first way.

First Way:

In this, you will need 1200 V-Bucks as the skin would cost you the same. Now from here, you have two options. First, you can buy the skin for yourself and just use it in-game. Second, you can buy this skin as a gift. If you would buy it as a gift. Then you can gift the skin to your friends. Also, if you have a youtube channel then you can reward them the QUEEN OF HEARTS skin as a gift among your subscribers. This would help you to increase your subscribers and gain popularity. In addition to that, you’ll get loyal subscribers. This has more benefits than the second way. And it is also less time-consuming.

Second Way:

This Way Would Test Your Patience. You Have to Be Mentally Prepared for A Long Wait. It Will Also Take Some Time. in This Way, You Have to Surf the Web. First, You Have to Find a Youtube Creator Who Is Going to Giveaway the Skin. Then You Have to Enter that Creator’s Name in The Game when Asked.

Unlock the Queen of Hearts Skin in Fortnite
Unlock the Queen of Hearts Skin in Fortnite

After that, you just have to do one thing which is to wait for the QUEEN OF HEARTS skin. Also sometimes there are some tasks given by the creator. So you just need to make sure that you have completed the quests for getting the skin. We don’t recommend you this method. Because in this method you have to depend upon your luck. You should go with the first way which is described in the article eariler.


Our Opinion

As we said earlier that we don’t recommend you the second way. We also don’t recommend you to buy the skin. We have also covered WHY YOU SHOULD NOT BUY IT in our previous article. So there are reasons to not buy it. But on another hand there are also reasons to buy. So it is up to you the you have to buy the QUEEN OF HEARTS or not.

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