Fallen Love Ranger Fortnite skin is back?

Fallen love ranger Fortnite: Epic games is a very big video game company mainly known for Fortnite. Fortnite is a very famous game among all of us and we love the features of the game as well. The most important feature of the game is that it releases unique skins and back sometimes weekly and monthly.

Everybody loves these packs and mostly fallen love ranger Fortnite skins. So as you know they have revealed the fallen love ranger Fortnite pack 2 years back which was very popular back then. And now they have decided to release it again with some new cool features. Stay tuned to know all the Features of the Fallen Ranger set.

Details About Fallen Love Ranger Fortnite

Fallen love ranger Fortnite, which was removed from the game last week, is now back in Fortnite. The packs were removed after players discovered that they could glitch their way into getting an unlimited number of them. A new update has been released that fixes the issue. Fallen love ranger Fortnite pack is available for purchase in the in-game store for 2,000 V-bucks or 15.99 dollars. So, one more thing is that if you won it already it wouldn’t show in the shop. You can see it on the home screen of your console.

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Features of Fallen love ranger Fortnite pack

1. It’s a quest pack so you can earn up to 2000 V-Bucks for free.

2. It’s cheaper than ever at 15.99 dollars.

3. You will get premium quality skin also.

So let’s talk about other normal packs we are going to get.

Tess Bundle

Tess Bundle is one of the latest skins to come out for Fortnite. It is a Legendary skin, and it can be obtained by purchasing the Battle Pass for Season 6. The skin is a female character who is wearing a white dress and has a blue cape. She also has a golden halo over her head. The skin is very elegant and beautiful, and it is sure to be popular among players.

NOTE: It will cost you around 2800 V-bucks if you wanted to purchase it.

It comes with a nice bundle including:

1. a pickaxe
2. the spiky jet
3. a cool backpack
4. the hearts and bullets wrap gun skin

Normal Love ranger

Love Ranger is one of the most popular skins in Season 2 of Fortnite. The skin is a pink and white suit with a heart on the chest. It is a legendary skin, meaning it can only be acquire through purchase or by winning it as a prize in-game. The Love Ranger skin was release as part of the Valentine’s Day event in February of 2019. And now it’s back and a little overpriced this time. I mean you can get it in 2000 V-Bucks.

Tat Axe

It’s a part of the royal heart set and It is introduced in season 2 as well. It does not have a Splash Effect this time but you can still go for it. It will cost you 800V-Bucks.

Fallen love ranger Fortnite
Fallen love ranger Fortnite

Cuddle king

Cuddle is Introduced in season 2 and season 5. So it’s the third appearance of the cuddle king in fortnite. It comes with some sick glasses. He’s got a weird mohawk and then a nice cuddle team leader hoodie plus a backpack that’s call a stuffy sack . It will cost you around 1,200 V-Bucks.

Peekaboo and Nine-Nine

Peekaboo and Nine-Nine are also back in the new season. They are previously introduce in season 5. As you know peekaboo is a girl and Nine-Nine is a boy so they both have different Backpacks. Pekka has a BUS Backpack and Nine has a Lama Backpack. One more thing is that peekaboo has three different types creepy , creepier, and sneaky peak. But the boy has only one type of skin Available.

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