What Is the Hanging Character in Fortnite

Hanging Character in fortnite: All right so I wanted to talk about the controversy of hanging character in fortnite that happened this morning in fortnite. So this is a bit of a news update and most of you probably aren’t aware of this because it happened so quickly. Then Fortnite was so fast to remove it so this has to do with the block. if you’re not familiar with what the block is that’s the user-submitted meaning anyone can create it goes to epic they review them they pick one. Every week they display it for you to land it’s a point of interest on the map where you can showcase your creative work.

Now we have ginger J’s block. This has been in rotation for a week now so today was suppose to be the newly update block someone else was suppose to have a chance in the live game. And in fact they did and that’s the whole point of this story which is what I’m gonna explain to you in just a second but real quick. I just wanted to point out the block has a secret chest. People are hyped and surprised about the hanging character in fortnite.

About Hanging Fortnite Character

So now let me talk about what happen this morning now like. I said today was suppose to be either new rotation for another users block area to be display in Fortnite. So I’m not sure how long it was actually in the game. I didn’t get to see it myself because it remove by the time. I jump on but the creator’s name is fury leaks he’s actually I guess a leaker in the Fortnite community. He got pick so I’m gonna watch his video because he did a tour on his Twitter. Hint:hanging character in fortnite.

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Description of The Event

I’m gonna use that video that shows hanging character in fortnite. I will tell you what happened that caused so much controversy so, of course, credit goes to fury leaks. I’ll link his Twitter in the description so, this was live in-game for a brief period this morning now again this does come from Twitter so the quality isn’t up to par so hopefully. It’s still viewable but as you can see here he showcases the outside it’s basically like a giant mention.

It’s got some ivy on it doesn’t look like it’s much more than that it’s just a huge building. So, he goes inside the front door. this is what I would describe as a bad block because right off the bat I see no chest bones anywhere. It’s got this dreary dungeon II look at it I don’t really know how to explain it other than like that a dungeon.

But as you’re gonna see where we’re gonna get dark real quick so there’s quite a few prisoner cells. You can see this guy is actually locked in one but there’s a TV in there with the bed is just like a prison cell. But when he turns around he sees a little teddy bear setup in a satanic ritual. that’s not the controversial part but on Twitter. I did see some people get bent out of shape about that they said it was satanic.

Hanging Character in Fortnite
Hanging Character in Fortnite

Storyline on Hanging Character in Fortnite

I don’t know maybe it was just a teddy bear some kind of obscure reference he was doing. But as we move on past these barricades why would¬† barricades on here well you’ll see in just a second so he hops over these hops over this. lo. behold there is a player suspend in midair she was hange(hanging character in fortnite).

You can clearly see the tipped-over chair I don’t know how he did this you can’t put a noose via creative mode. So he did something better I guess somehow he display this person in suspend animation above to make it look like she was hange. By the way, it is Hank I know it sounds stupid. But look it up it’s not hung when you reference someone getting killed by a noose like that it’s always hanged.

But you can see she used the chair to prop herself up she put the noose on. That’s all she wrote now in the actual game this morning the girl in suspended animation was not there the tipped-over chair was .that rope above was as well so that body wasn’t actually there . But I guess a lot of people complain too epic right away saying hey look you’ve got a suicidal event at the bottom of this new block so then they immediately took it out of the game. Replace it with ginger JS again now this was post to Reddit this is the screenshot that was display.

Fortnite Action Against It

People were back and forth arguing left and right about this so people were arguing with each other saying that doesn’t display a suicide that’s just a tipped-over chair and a rope so that’s when someone linked the actual creator’s video. The one that I showed you with that suspended body in midair so clearly was his intention he was displaying a suicidal event. So that’s my description of the hanging character in fortnite

Fortnite is anchor towards kids so they don’t want anyone to see a hanging character in fortnite. So that’s why they immediately removed it. Of course, I agree that it should not be in the game you don’t want anyone getting any ideas. I mean there are enough depressed people in the world you don’t want to fuel their flames.

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