Fortnite X Destiny Skin Collab In New Survey

Fortnite X Destiny Skin Collab In New Survey: Fortnite is a favorite for many. Irrespective of all the backlash, Fortnite has been consistently delivering. Epic games have been readying brand new content for the months to come, and there are some very juicy updates, that will excite the fans of both games. If the recent rumors and developments are to be believed, Fortnite is geared up for a new collaboration. After Uncharted, Fortnite is soon to collaborate with Destiny, a hugely popular FPS title owned by Bungie. Epic Games have a great name for bringing many different worlds together. So, the recent developments hold on a considerable weight as well.

Epic Games has constantly collaborated with movies, games, rappers, and sports stars as well. Multi-million dollar franchises like Marvel, DC, Star Wars, and football superstar Neymar Jr. and Henry Kane, also made their debut in Fortnite. After bringing some popular anime characters to life in Fortnite, looks like it’s time for Destiny, to make its way into the island of Fortnite. In this article, we have curated enough information about the possible collaboration with Destiny.

Fortnite X Destiny Collab
Fortnite X Destiny Collab

Fortnite x Destiny Collaboration :

Recently, Epic Games have conducted a survey among a notable number of Fortnite players, with a question –

” Out of the following Video game characters, please select only the ones that you have seen or heard of ?”.

The question’s clear and is asked to know which characters would draw more attention, in case they were to be added in Fortnite, in the future. Destiny was not the only game in option, there were other popular names as well – Mass Effect and Assassin’s Creed and many more. and some characters from Destiny were also available. All of these leaks that broke out , might not be true as well.

There are many fans , that completely dismiss the possible collaboration, but the survey shows, there is an option considered. If you are curious and want to know more about Destiny, read on further to know more.

About Destiny :

Destiny is a complete online multiplayer FPS shooter game developed by Bungie, but initially, it was published by Activision. After cutting ties with Activision from 2019, Destiny is self-published by Bungie. The game was released on September 9th 2014, and since the launch game is available to play on Xbox, Playstation and PC as well. Destiny falls under the genre of role-playing games and is the first game that is released after the Halo games.

Player characters in-game can be referred to as Guardians, and the game contains three character issues, and have their own specific upgrades. After choosing a class, players will have to choose between one of three species available for their character. The species available for choosing are : Human, Awoken, and Exo. Destiny offers a wide range of customization to the characters. Destiny also offers, PVE and PVP in its story progression. Player vs Environment and Player vs Players.

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