How to Get Bloodthirsty Medal COD Mobile

Get BloodThirsty Medal COD Mobile: Call of Duty is one of the top-grossing battle royale games in the world currently. The mobile version is very much inspired by the PC version of the game, Call of Duty: Black Ops. The developers provide frequent updates to the game to make it even smoother.

There are several medals in the game for every player can earn through the gameplay. One of the medals is the BloodThirsty medal in COD mobile. In this article, we are going to share some tips & information about this Medal. The name is kind of known to the new players or maybe to the old players also. But do not worry, we will guide you in as much detail as we have.

Get Bloodthirsty Medal COD Mobile

How to Get Bloodthirsty Medal COD Mobile

Call of Duty mobile is published & developed by Activision in 2019. It was formally handled by Tencent Games along with Kiwi Games, but after some privacy concerns, Activision took the development role. The developers of Activision provide lots of updates to the game to make it further better. With the updates, they want to gain more attention from players.

Call of Duty provides a lot of Medals that players can earn by completing some tasks in the matches. You can earn medals by playing BR matches as well as MP matches. But there are a lot of medals to know about. One of them is the BloodThirsty Medal in COD mobile which players can earn. It is a very simple and basic medal but an interesting one also.

Let us talk about this BloodThirsty medal with some details also in this article. Let us start-

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What is the BloodThirsty Medal in COD Mobile?

Every player can find the medals that they have earned in the Profile section. There you will find BloodThirsty mission. What is the BloodThirsty medal? How to earn it?

You need to kill 5 players to achieve the Blood Thirsty medal in the match. But one thing to note is that you cannot die between the 5 kills. So without dying you have to kill 5 enemies to achieve the medal.

It seems hard right? Kind of. But here is a relief that you can earn the medal in any match you play. Like in BR matches & in MP Matches you can earn the medal. So if any of you give it one try, here are some steps on how to do that-

How to Earn BloodThirsty Medal in COD Mobile?

Following this guide step by step to complete the mission earns a BloodThirsty medal in COD mobile. You can earn this medal as much time as you want. But to complete it properly, don’t mess up the steps-

It’s hard to kill 5 enemies without dying in one match several times. Right? So try to play different modes.

  1. Try to play “Hard Point” in MP with random maps.
  2. Just capture the Hardpoints or stay close to them.
  3. Stay alert always, because enemies going to rush on you.
  4. Then try to kill them without dying.
  5. Always use covers to recover.
  6. You can try prone-shot/drop-shot when your HP is low.

Get Bloodthirsty Medal COD Mobile

Note: In MP matches try to kill at least 1 or 2 players with lethal or tactical weapons. So that you will get a higher chance to kill 5 enemies at a time. Also, the nuke kills count as 1 time BloodThirsty medal in COD mobile. So keep that in mind.

That’s all about the mission to earn BloodThirsty medal in COD mobile. It’s very easy & everyone will complete this with just one try. Hope you have learned all about the BloodThirsty medal.

Stay tuned for more amazing tips for Call of Duty Mobile events & updates.

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