Best PUBG Mobile Player in The World 2022 [ Latest List]

Best PUBG Mobile Player in The World 2022; Each of them is a unique individual who has achieved remarkable success and made a significant contribution to the PUBG community. When they helped develop the game that is today known as PUBG. In 2022, Raging Goat: God of PUBG is the finest PUBG player on the planet. Here are a few more of the greatest PUBG players we found. When in 2022, the top 5 and best PUBG Mobile players in the world will be revealed.

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Best PUBG Mobile Player in The World 2022

Nowadays, Pubg has become a great platform for players to show their game skills. We can guess their skills by watching them live on youtube or by seeing Pubg Official Leagues and Global event performances hosted by different organizations.

#1 XQF Paraboy:

Best PUBG Mobile Player in The World
Best PUBG Mobile Player in The World [ XQF Paraboy]
Nova-XQF Zhu Bocheng is Paraboy’s true name. He is 18 years old and was born on February 12, 2002. He is based in China and represents Nova Esports, a Hong Kong-based esports organization. Paraboy, also known as Zhu Bocheng, is a 19-year-old Chinese PUBG Mobile player who now represents Nova Esports (China).

At the age of seventeen, he began his Esports career with X-Quest F and quickly rose to popularity. He won the PEC 2020 with Nova XQF and was the tournament’s MVP, thanks to his efficient utilization of DP28+4x and M16A4+6x. Paraboy is currently one of the highest-paid PUBG Mobile gamers on the planet.

#2 XQF Order:

If you’re curious about the XQF Order in PUBG, be ready to listen to a new episode of the podcast. Two of our favorite podcasters, Chris Taylor and Paul Rutt, join us.

#3 Mortal:

Mortal, whose actual name is Naman Mathur, grew up in Mumbai and founded his YouTube channel, which now has over 7 million subscribers. He’s also one of the best esports players in India. Yes, you’ve already heard it! Carry Minati, a well-known player, posted a video on YouTube earlier to challenge his opponent, Mortal. Then employ some formidable talents and methods to outsmart your opponent in this PUBG game.

#4 Jonathan:

PMGC 2022 Grand Final Qualified
Jonathan: [ Team Godlike]
Jonathan Inman, better known in PUBG Gaming as Jonathan Tee. Is an Australian gamer who is well-known for his Tiny Tower Defense game. He, like many other PUBG mobile enthusiasts, began playing when the game was first released for iOS and Android devices. He decided to make a mobile version for the iPhone and iPad after the game’s initial success.

When the game is now available in all genres for all devices, including iPhone and iPad, as well as for everyone.

#5 Scout

If it’s my real name or not. Some in-game gamers have used a variety of phrases to criticize my in-game name. And some people have started calling me by my true name. When I was intending to write an essay on it, I discovered that some people were already referring to my in-game moniker as “Scout,” while others referred to it as “Kroni,” which is not my real name but the name of the game character named after me. So I changed my in-game name to “Scout,” which is a whole new character.

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